GUI Interface Very Slow after Ver. 2.5 to 2.8 Update

Just a fantastic music composition product, many thanks for your creativity and hard work. I’m running Windows 7 and using Scaler inside Cubase 7.5 (don’t laugh, things run quite smoothly) and have recently updated from Scaler 2.5 to 2.8. No problems in 2.5. Ver 2.8 installed easily and all audio functions are working fine. The problems occur when mouse clicking in the GUI. Examples: Moving from Main Screen to Edit Screen takes 25sec; Main Screen to Chord Screen takes 12secs; Opening settings takes 9secs and moving within tabs inside the settings menu another 9 seconds;dragging chords to and within the Pattern Area at least 3x slower than in Ver 2.5… Left Clicking on the A,B,&C binding boxes is still instantaneous as in Ver 2.5. Problems occur equally with VST2 and VST3. I have turned off/on most settings options but to no effect. Any ideas out there that could be slowing my GUI down this much?

can be several things - the newer version could be optimized to use GPU? or OS effects like shadows etc taking more time. 32 bit vs 64 bit and memory / paging.

Welcome to the forum @Bill123 Can you try turning off Open Gl in Scaler Settings?

Cool! The GUI is lighting fast now…no more than 1/4 second to do any menu function or operation (chord dragging, etc). Thanks for the quick solution davide! Again, great product.

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