How close are we to Scaler 3?

Early 2024? I think Scaler is brilliant, just needs a gentle nudge towards amazing .


We are working on several major updates to Scaler 2 starting with Scaler 2.9 in Q1 2024 and then moving to…hmmm what comes after 2.9?
We have the best developers in Koala DSP in Amsterdam, we have the best UX team in Resonant Design in Berlin and we have all of the Scaler team working in harmony and happily together to create something special based on where we believe Scaler needs to be and where we think our users (based on years of feedback) think Scaler needs to be. I personally am based here in Europe at the moment to co-ordinate and visit everybody which has been very inspiring. We are very excited about 2024. Happy New Year :partying_face:


I hope it will bring me a readable font (no more gray fonts please :grin:), because I am currently struggling to even see the names of scales :cold_face:


2.91? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Looking forward to the new goodies, whatever the number. Great team! Happy New Year to all. Happy New Scaler.

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I am sorry, it looks I flagged you. My old fat fingers combined with unresponsive touch screen caused the damage.


I will make sure we provide that for you Claudio. I would hope that having the best UX/UI design team on board means everyone should be happy and all text will be legible!


Brilliant, thanks mate . Super excited :+1:

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Thank you for all you do! I am very excited to see where Scaler goes next!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and the whole team.


I already have Scaler 2 for Mac and also installed Scaler 2 free version on the iPad. Actually, I’m thinking about buying the in app purchase for the iPad version.
My question now is, when Scaler 3 arrives, will there be an upgrade path for the iPad version, or do I have to buy the inapp purchase once again?

Hi @bobmusic Can’t honestly answer that question as the model for future versions of Scaler iOS has not been confirmed internally. I would just say IMO that it’s currently on sale for $13USD and you will get lots of use out of that before you see any major upgrades.

Hi @davide, thanks for your reply, I already bought the inapp purchase. All the best for 2024!

Any ETA on Scaler EQ (iOS)?

2.9.1 ?

Happy and successful 2024 !

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Ha! Yeah probably, ok what comes after 2.9.9?

Working on that now. Won’t be long.


@davide 2.10? :joy:

Jokes apart, while I’m here…and while you say you have the best UX/UI team onboard and that makes you excited…make them have a look also at Scaler for iPad UX/UI. Although well made, I still think it doesn’t nail 100% the nuances that make the difference in building something for a touchscreen and porting a wonderful app to a device who ALSO, OCCASIONALLY, have a touchscreen.

Some examples?

We still can’t play decently Scaler on the touchscreen, since long holding on a tab to make the chord last longer enables the drag chord feature, so we can’t simply slide the finger to the next chord to play it, while imo on a touchscreen this is a basic gesture. Instead, we have to lift our finger and touch the next tab, which makes the sound get interrupted (and also when using 2 fingers, if the first one isn’t lifted at the PERFECT time when the second one lands on the next chord the sound gets interrupted or the second one is not played because still reading the first finger).
This is because imo Scaler has been ported from the desktop version, where using the mouse to play is so inefficient that it’s clearly thought to be done with an attached keyboard. But one of the benefits of having Scaler on a touchscreen device is that we can use an attached keyboard, but while on the move we can also bring only our device and play it from there. Often I bring my MS Surface with me when on the move and instead of bringing a lot of space taking controllers I just add to it my iPad, which gives me a way to play the computer instruments, a lot of wonderful sequencers, arpeggiators, sound modules, controllers, loopers…2 flat devices are a lot more portable than a computer and…even only 1 small keyboard :smiling_face:. And even in the studio I always have an I pad connected beside my controllers: having an ulterior screen (a touchscreen!) dedicated just to Scaler (or other controller apps) to use with all the other arsenal of the studio…gives a feeling of…well…almost “Enterprise dashboard”…”Play that chord, Scotty” :joy:

Another one is the UI scalability when used as an Au inside an host: while improved, it’s still giving different issues, at the point that it gives the impression to be an unfinished job, still waiting for refinements.

Just a couple of examples that I hope will give you the idea of what a touchscreen user will expect, to give the experience of using a wonderful program not only for its wonderful capabilities, but also to take advantage of the capabilities of the device it is running on :wink: (and…while on this matter…why no drag and drop of recorded midi on iPad too, since now multiple apps on screen is more and more used?:wink:)

Those suggestions could be useful also for Scaler EQ for iPad, since you are working on it right now. If you need some more from a long time ipad for music making user (since it was considered just a toy and no app could be connected to any other) let me know. I would be happy to give that point of view to allow the apps be receptive to touchscreens needs.

Maybe 2.9.901, like Reaper. :joy: :joy: :joy:

No matter the number, it’s the content that matters. And every time we have a lot of improvement.

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Blessed and Peaceful New Year to all

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How exciting. <3 I’d love a section with just plain roman numeral chord progressions. :slight_smile: I don’t know any of the artists. There are so many fabulous features though; that’s really just a small thing.

A bit of help, where do I download upgrades…currently have 2.4.
I did email, but no reply.

thanks, Joe

Whatever updates you are entitled to are in your user account on Plug-in Boutique. Go to your account and under downloads there is a pull down menu with the version number. Choose the latest available and download.