How close are we to Scaler 3?

Freudian slip? @jpCouleeCity Jamieh means in your user account at plugin boutique

Plug-in Boutique yes! Ha! Brain fog. I was a bit tired and I often mix those up when I first start typing.

Any chance to sometimes will see 3/4 signature in Scaler? Will be great to have more flexibility in this great plugin

There are multiple time signatures under Phrases and Performances and you can set variation in Edit Mode or Preferences. Setting Global beats of 3, 6, 9, 12 etc or 5, 7, 10, etc you can get any time sig you want.
Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 7.43.25 AM

But I will agree most people are used to seeing it as x/4, x/8 etc. so maybe that could be looked at. As a film composer I often need to have variations and manage to do it. Under Edit I can change each chord as well although it’s tricky to count it out if you aren’t used to it.

yeah, the challenge is you have “# of beats per chord”, i.e. one chord will be X # of beats. so creating 6/8 time, you need to calculate the # of eighth notes (6) over X number of beats per chord. :slight_smile:

then you use edit to modify each as a partial number of beats and thus the math gets tricky - in the case of the compound 6/8 if you wanted a chord per 8 beats, each would be 1.33 and so on.

you’d almost want some thing like music notation and/or total chord duration calculated so you’d know when your “measure” was full…

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Thanks! Will try that way.

Yes to all of this and don’t forget there is also the triplet quantisations which work well for any time signature and is global.

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I realize I could have explained this better. It should have its own thread.

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I am hopeful for Host Automation for Scaler to be implemented for Ableton Live 12. If not forthcoming, I will have to implement MIDI workarounds to translate MIDI into keystrokes/mouse actions using the likes of Bomes MIDI Translator, for example. With MIDI host automation, live performers will have incredible control.

Yes please. Hi contrast text!


I sure hope the updates include any kinds of host and MIDI automation. There are so many parameters that are desireble to control separately from the UI namely by MIDI remote controllers and host automation.
Also an AU version that can support external soft instruments like VST can.