How demanding is adding 8X8 functionality to Scaler?

With upcoming voicings in Scaler 2.5 switching between voicings will be my primary goal to set up my presets. 8x8 for me is easier to follow since I plan to set up inversions of a voicing vertically on an 8x8. And the chords that correspond to the scale horizontally.

Being able to trigger chords within Scaler on an 8X8 pad like Push or the Launchpads should be much easier for non-keyboardplayers to realize their ideas I think.



Don’t mean to take away from the feature request. But since we’ve had this discussion a couple of times, and arrived at various approaches to realize this with Scaler as is, it would be helpful for the dev team to know more details about what you have in mind with supporting 8x8 MIDI pad controllers.

I don’t find it difficult to map my Maschine Jam 8x8 to Scaler pads, not sure about the Ableton Push or Novation Launchpads, but the Maschine Jam is pretty configurable as to its pads. Once you have a template matching the Scaler section C chord pads, it works pretty well. Not sure what would be useful on the Scaler side to accomodate a MIDI controller?

It all depends on upcoming features that are planned for Scaler.

The Launchpad Pro mk3 has an interesting chord mode that lets you play each note of a chord and the inversions simultaneously.

Much easier to realize and play on a 8X8 pad than on a keyboard. Even without polyphony selecting inversions of a chord on an 8X8 would generate much better playability. That would require the ability to map an inversion to a CC value or MIDI note in an update. Instead of switching up and down now.

The mk2 Launchpads are customizable. They let you define a MIDI channel and scale in white keys mode per raw. And MIDI CC too.
Scaler could add a lot of new functions to any 8X8 that couldn’t be played easily on a lkeyboard.

I am pretty much sure I would need two 8X8s for jamming with Scaler once it becomes more user definable. Even without polyphony I would need soon two pads to trigger two chords at a time I think. Hence my request for Monads and Dyads in the other request.