How do I play chords with my left finger and the right hand plays melodies corrresponding to those chords?

Been in Scaler forever and can not find that setting.

There s 500 million options in the menus so finding that one setting is daunting.

Watch this video -

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You will hear both the full chord AS WELL AS the notes you play with your right hand.

If you want to mute the chords and only hear your right hand notes, then find the “Keys lock” section in the settings area, set it to “Chord notes” and for the chords, change it from “unmuted” to “muted”

Yes I agree. This is a convoluted way to get there. They could just have “mute chords” menu item with a tick check when you choose the Keys Lock menu. One should not have to delve into settings and then find it hidden under the mode selection menu in settings. Thats bad.

You can do this by BINDing keys (see Scaler 2 is so confusing).