How Many Computers?

How many computers can I run my license for Scaler on?


John B

Hi @Johnbee63,

sorry for the delayed reply.

The end-user license agreement for ’Scaler’ allows installation on three computers. It is not allowed to use your installations simultaneously.

If you replace one of your computers it is not necessary to deactivate an existing installation, but due to the license agreement it is required to uninstall or delete the product from the previously used computer.

If your computer crashed or you replaced the hard drive and it is not possible to uninstall ’Scaler’, proceed with the activation on the new computer. You will still maintain the number of activations granted by the End User License Agreement.

Always use the same email address to activate on a new computer, as your serial number is connected to your email address.

sorry for reviving this old thread.
aside from my main computer at home, i want to use scaler on different machines some days a week.
in detail: every time, i would like to install scaler on one of those machines, use it for some hours, then de-authorize it and uninstall it.
can i do this with scaler?
there are certain company that allow this: u-he, valhalladsp, cycling74, reasonstudios for example
other companies won’t let me do it: ableton for example

The limitation is 3 installations with only one running at a time. From what you are saying here, I don’t see a problem with this as long as you de-authorize/uninstall on each computer before moving to the next one.


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can the installation also take place on a different operating system? I have Windows now, but I would like to buy a MacBook soon.