How to easily create new chord progressions from scales

I chose the scale “C# Minor”, went to section B and under VOICINGS chose “Voicing 4”, then played the chords one after another, with slightly varied timing, and it sounded like a bona fide custom chord progression (and not just a linear scale walkup)

Minor Voicing by Bernd@PDX (


I love the voicing and always promote them, they are as you say bona fide tried and tested chord progressions made by some great artists. Not normal and very ‘song’ like. Looking to expand this area as I use it so much.


This is great! Right in my wheelhouse. I can’t believe I’ve overlooked this! Already sparking new ideas.
Thanks Bernd.

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wunderbar @Bernd

And now pals, click on Keys-Lock > Chord Notes and enjoy solos through the same Section B
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But the best is still to come!

When you found a nice series of chords, move them in Section C and record
then D&D the recording onto the EzKeys interface:
1 step into the browser
2 step into the chords space
Then apply some R&B “swing” to it

Then D&D the EzKeys swingerized series on chord into Scaler (before I forgot this step, sorry)

Now mute Scaler, hit the space bar, and you’ll have your brand-new accompaniment for playing solos on ad libitum
:bomb: astic

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