I need help with Scaler Plugin Custom Chord Progressions

Hi everyone,

I am new to Scaler and am thoroughly enjoying the journey of exploring its features. I have hit a bit of a snag & would appreciate some advice from the community.
I want to create custom chord progressionsfor different genres but I am not sure how to fully utilize Scaler’s functionality for this.

My question is= What configuration advice would you provide Scaler and your DAW to make creating and experimenting with chord progressions easier? I wouldd love to get some insights into how to approach writing chord progressions for different genres like jazz, blues, EDM, and classical. There are any particular chord sequences that are characteristic of these genres that I should focus on?

I have also looked into this since joining this forum How to easily create new chord progressions from scalesccsp but I was unable to find an answer for my query.
I will be appreciat your any advice or resources, personal experience or recommended readings. :smiley:

Check out this topic:


Hi @Sofia, welcome to the Scaler community!

Perhaps a good place to start exploring genre-specific chord progressions might be looking through the various chord sets available in Scaler under the “Songs” menu…

Have fun browsing!