How-to use a wired TRS Sennheiser ME 2 with any modern audio interface

Hi pals

Having realized that in my case singing with my own voice is easier, cheaper & better, but always without bothering my wife and neighbors :crazy_face:, I reasoned about the matter, and I remembered that in 2006 I got a wonderful wired Sennheiser ME-2 that is collecting dust in the cellar :crazy_face:

Fattura eMicrophones 2006.pdf (33.1 KB)

I used it in the past with Dragon Naturally Speaking, to make my translation jobs faster, and it was one of the best headset mic around, used by musicians also, and it was famed for its great quality, sensibility and ambient noise rejection

the problem is that mic needs power, so the speech-recognizing US company emicrophones (I don’t know if they still exist) sold it to me with a USB-to-TRS power unit (VXI Parrot TalkPro) to have it working with my PC

but now I wanted to use it with my Komplete audio 1 that have just one powered XLR input, so I googled and found this Steinberg forum thread

And after I reviewed the video speaking also about the Rode VXLR+ adapter that steps down the 12V-48V power coming from the XLR to the 3V-5V needed by the Sennheiser ME-2, I immediately acquired it

I bought the cheaper version because my cable is very short
otherwise, they recommend buying the VXLR Pro

I’ll let you know how it performs :grin:


The Rode VXLR+ adapter works like a charm with my Sennheiser ME-2 and the phantom power of my KompleteAudio 1, so now I am able to sing in a thready voice :heart_eyes:

I just have to find the proper effects (likely Nektar) to raise my vocal volume and it’s done

I’ll upload a test song as far as I make it