Synthesizer V Studio is OK for me?

Well, after having tried to re-made a song of mine, I realized that it may be possible to create a song from scratch without going crazy, but re-making a piece sung already in the standard way is very hard

because I must have already, or create first, the part for the lyrics in the MIDI format, but this part must be simple notes, without embellishments, chords or articulations, so e.g. a MIDi of a piano loop is not good at all

having this part available instead, I can select the notes and then import the text from a txt file

the program seems then capable of splitting and inserting the text into the notes, but a little or a big editing (I hate editing, you know? :rofl:) is needed depending on how well or bad I created the rhymes

The moral of the story is that I don’t want to complicate my life this way :cold_face:

I think I’ll rather use the vocal trick of metal and hard rock vocalists, who don’t scream like grizzly bears after a hunter peppered their behind with lead shot, like they seem experimenting :joy:

From what I’ve read, they (vocalists, not bears) sing with a very low voice, and adequate mixing tricks and effects will let their voices breaking the eardrums of their fans

So, using perhaps a simple blanket as a mini-boot, I should be able to sing in the night with my Sennheiser ME 2 headset mic without disturbing my wife and neighborhood, and then I’ll just have to remove the muddiness and other defects of that kind using my Izotope Nectar and other tricks