Hung/stuck notes with Scaler 2.7 and Kontakt 7 on Logic 10.7.5

Never ever had problems with hung notes when using Scaler and Logic but now I always get them!
Always happens when Scaler provides the chords (as a MIDI FX) but never when I first capture the chords and use them directly on a track.
When using Scaler it seems that Kontakt never receives a Note-Off! So it just keeps on playing. For ever!
I must klick the MIDI Panic button in Kontakt to make it stop!
If you have Logic 10.7.5 and Kontakt 7 please try this project. The problem happens every time you stop playback while on a chord.

Hi @hummersallad

thanks for reporting, we have noticed this as well, it is being addressed and will be fixed in the next patch.


I’ve noticed this with Bitwig and Kontakt 7 as well.

Did you notice this while using the multi-voice output with mapped notes?
From testing here it seems there are no hung notes when multi-voice is OFF or if you trigger from the UI.

Let me know what exact behavior you are encountering so we can make sure we fix it all.

Ed, yes when I use multi-voice output with mapped notes I experience the problem. But no problems when multi-voice is off or when playing from the UI!

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Yep, Logic 10.6.0 too.

Yes, Multi Voice Out was being used in Bitwig on the hang notes. Kontakt 7 but not every instance.

I noticed the hung note problem during the beta test and wrote the post above on Oct 30. But since I got no comments I thought I was the only one having this problem and that it could be related to using new versions of both Logic and Kontakt.

As a test I replaced Kontakt 7 with Kontakt 6 on the notes were getting hung and the hung notes stopped happening. This was in Bitwig.

Confirmed here. I’m getting hung notes in Scaler 2.7 with Multi-Out On (it’s now my default setting). I have a MIDI Reset assigned to a pad on my controller.

That is interesting. However, with Logic I get the same hung note problem with Kontakt 6 and five Factory library instruments on different MIDI channels.

@Ed1 Are you making progress? This bug is annoying since it is impossible to use the combination Logic/Scaler/Kontakt with multi-out.
Or maybe you can suggest a work-around?

Hi @hummersallad

yes, this is fixed and will be part of the next patch. We are addressing a couple of other issues raised since the release and will push an update.

Great!! @Ed1

Don’t want to rush you in any way but when can we expect the update? Roughly.
Minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months? :wink:

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Hi Ed1. Please see my post here. Includes screenshot.

Forgot to confirm that the annoying hung/stuck notes problem with Scaler 2.7 and Kontakt 7 in Logic 10.7.5 was indeed fixed in the 2.7.1 update! Thanks!