Introduction to Setting up Live Sync in Scaler

Having had a small problem using Live Sync with midi binding in Ableton Live 11 on a Windows 10 pc, I thought it may be helpful to put together this short guide.

I have set up three tacks on Ableton Live each with an instance of Scaler 2.7:PAD, BASS and ARP.

When I enable LIVE SYNC I will use the Scaler in the PAD track as the “leader” and the Scalers in the BASS and ARP tracks as the “followers”. This means that anything I change in Section C in the PAD Scaler will be duplicated in the BASS and ARP in real time. So, for example, I could replace a triad with a 7th and this would be duplicated across the synced Scalers in real time.

For the bass I have set up a simple bass performance running at half speed

with A Bass Guitar sound.

For the ARP I have set up a simple Arpeggio

with a Housey sound.

In the PAD Scaler I am using Ethereal Wonders as the sound

In the PAD Scaler I have chosen the sequence CLASSICAL 5 selected all the chords and added them to the Current Pattern.

This actually gives 3 patterns as shown on the PAD page below.

Now to create the Live Sync I simply click on the Scaler log in the top left-hand corner and select SYNC from the drop-down menu.

Now select LIVE SYNC by clicking on the button to the left of LIVE SYNC

and then click on the SYNC button

Finally I have navigated to the PAD page and bound Pattern 1 to midi by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of the pattern (Don’t forget that to use Key Switching you must be in the PAD page).

Finally if you try this in Ableton Live, set MONITOR in the tracks with the follower Scalers to In.


Great tutorial, Ed, as usual. And I see that you master Green Shot, too. :slight_smile: