Is it possible to send the trigger notes from patterns in Section C to MIDI in my DAW

Let’s say I’ve spent some time and put together several patterns in Section C, each with varying durations throughout.

Is it possible to send the trigger notes for one or all of the patterns to MIDI? I have seen David drawing these in, and I’ve seen him recording to capture the trigger notes, but I am not sure I’ve seen it done “backwards”, using the chord playback from within Scaler to send MIDI trigger notes to my DAW to be captured.

The straight forward use case would be:
As a producer using Scaler2, I want to send my programmed progression in Section C to my DAW as trigger notes, so that I can reuse the MIDI data to trigger my Scaler2 bindings without having to record via live input or “drawing” them in.

Hi @OwMyLeg

Welcome to the forum. It would be helpful to know what your environment is (OS, DAW) but the simple answer for most DAWs is yes. Simply route the midid from the track with Scaler on it to a track with a vsti on it and Scaler will “play” the vsti. I have don ethis in Ableton Live 11, Reaper and Cakewalk.

There is a tutorial for Reaper showing this for Basic Introduction to Multi Out from Scaler to 4 tracks. There is also a thread on routing in Ableton Live: Scaler 2 Ableton Instrument Rack Routing. Note that Ableton Live does not support Multi Out without a an additional effect such as Blue Cat Audio Patchwork, on Plugin Guru Unify (this is a limitation of Ableton).

Hope this helps

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That’s interesting, no one has ever asked for the auto-trigger notes. It makes sense to have a ‘drag trigger notes’ for the respective bindings but given everything on the roadmap and I wouldn’t see it as a useful feature of the majority of users. But I guess the answer to your question is no but you do have the drag and midi capture options. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I can see that this is likely not a common request. I certainly would prefer to see what you guys have in store for us on the roadmap over a solution to my own laziness.

Is there a public facing roadmap, by chance?

As a work around you could just step record those into the project timeline in most DAWs. If you use the same trigger notes often, you could also just save a MIDI file from your DAW and import it into multiple projects or depending on the DAW make a template with Scaler loaded and it already has trigger notes ready to go.