Loop one line only possible?

Hi there

there is a way to have the yellow-circled line playing one time only, then the red-circled line looping forever?
If I select both lines the initial rest is repeated each time and I don’t want that

if this option doesn’t still exist, maybe useful add it in the future, even because 8 lines are not always enough

I believe this exists only at the level of the chord (repeat how many times?), but not at the pattern level. I wouldn’t hate a possibility to loop templates either :slight_smile: . Good idea Claudio.

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If that’s all you want to do you can just render the chords out and use Ableton in the normal way it’s supposed to be used.
If I was doing this and wanted to stay in Scaler, I would use ClyphX Pro and 2 Scalers. I would use DEV ON and DEV OFF to turn Scaler off after Pattern one and turn on Scaler 2 for Pattern 2.
ClyphX and Live are great. Add Scaler it’s quite to combo. I know you want Scaler to do everything but until it does just know there are solutions. I think having pattern loop control would be a cool idea down the line.
ClyphX Pro

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yes, indeed, I also tried to make coffee with it but no success; I dunno why…

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If you want to use Scaler to make coffee then try using a little vinegar to “descale” it first…
I think that’s key!

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You have to pay over 40 bucks for that?
That’s over 30 quid? Interesting. :see_no_evil:

Conversion of $43.33 was £32.22, hmmm…
Again, very interesting. :yawning_face:

hmm… a little under 3 bobs, or just a
little more than 1/2 a crown. Interesting.

Reaper gives you 3 languages to choose from.
And they are all free. You can even edit the plugins.

So, there are quite a few examples if you dig just a little.

I think I paid $25 for it on sale when it first came out. It’s beyond powerful and all updates are free.
I have but no longer use Reaper. As good as I found Reaper it doesn’t mesh with my work flow anymore. So there’s that.
To each their own as they say.

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