MIDI Thru in Scaler 2.8?

I am going through the Scaler manual and watching tons of Scaler videos. There are a number of simple questions that I cannot seem to find the answers to. Thanks for any help. Here’s one:

I am using Scaler to send MIDI to an instrument track in Cubase. Let’s say it’s an orchestral strings track. This is done by choosing Scaler MIDI Out as the MIDI input for that instrument track. It works fine. All of Scaler’s MIDI output is being sent to the correct track.
What I want to be able to do is to play that same string track from my controller keyboard. Of course I can’t play it when selecting that track for input because its input is coming from Scaler, and Scaler does not seem to be included in the ALL MIDI Inputs category in Cubase. Since Scaler is sending MIDI to that track anyway, I should, in theory, be able to select the Scaler track, turn the Scaler internal sound to “OFF”, play my controller and hear the String track that Scaler is sending MIDI to. However, this would require Scaler to have a MIDI Thru setting so that it would allow the MIDI from my controller to be sent thru to the string track that Scaler’s MIDI is sent to.
Does Scaler have MIDI Thru or any setting that would allow me to do this?

Thanks for any help!

I might have missed something, but this should be pretty straight forward. I’m not a Cubase user, but in Studio One (and I believe all other DAWS) ,if you have all the Scaler functions turned off, including no instrument selected and no sections bound, you will get a direct pass through from you controller to your VST.

Try this…
When you have your strings vst working using Scaler, clear Scalers state (click logo), play some notes on your keyboard and you should hear just your notes played by your strings. You can turn on an instrument for a basic layered sound or you can turn on different perform and timing features and explore.

If it is more of a MIDI effect issue, you might get some ideas on this thread.

Good luck

Hey thanks for the response, TMacD! I finally figured it out.
Things to know:
One of the things that was confusing when checking out out how this is done in Logic is that Scaler is not considered an effect by Cubase. Therefore it does not show up in the list of possibilities for instertion into an efects track. It is considered an instrument and therefore shows up in the list of inserts in a Cubase instrument track…Scaler Audio however does show up as an effect. (but that doesn’t matter here)
The solution is in the link you posted. One needs to turn on the monitoring of the destination track. (Iin this case the string track). When selected any Cubase track will allow recording and play thru. But if you’re controlling one track from another track, you simply need to click the monitor button in the destination track.
Easy peasy but I never even thought to do that!
Problem solved. Thanks for your time!

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