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Hi in scaler 2 has only seven patterns , is any way to add more pattern

Corrected post: yes there are 7 patterns with 8 chords each. That’s 56 chords. For now that is what we have. Maybe it will change in a future version.

Are you meaning the demo maybe?

It depends what you call a pattern. If you consider it as a short sequence of notes , what Scaler would call at one time “Expressions” e.g. Moderato /Pianissiimo or Bass/ Urban-8 or Conspirito/ Amore, I counted then in Scaler 2.4.1 as being 658. There are quite a few more now.

Are we talking about the same thing?

Hey Guys

I’m confused. I think @Divesh is referring to the patterns that contain the blocks of chords, which create the harmonic structure.

Whereas @jamieh seems to be referring to the Performances

which have been created based on various styles of music. These, of course, are basically motifs and phrases that you can then use to create melodies.

From my perspective @Divesh is correct in saying

Yes, it makes sense indeed

My mistake. I had just read the Pattern maker thread and still was thinking of performances as patterns.

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Just a thought, you can also save the 8x7 matrix as a pattern, and then start another one, and save that too in your library, and then recall the endless amount of patterns you can store on your disk and recall any time.

For managing more than 8x7 chords belonging together, that’s what I use the DAW for :slight_smile:


never imagined it was an option

Hello thanks for reply
Can you bind via midi to saved endless pattern

Unfortunately, not that I know. I don’t think you can bind a MIDI trigger to loading saved sets. Cool idea though. Feature request perhaps?

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When you bind midi the notes in the range C1 to B2 select patterns but you are limited to the patterns that are loaded into Scaler. See this short tutorial..

Unfortunately, there is no way to instruct Scaler to load patterns from disc.