My kontakt Native plugins at €35/each (or the matching amount of USD)

After having found the most “balanced” plugins suitable for me, as explained here

That is the 2nd versions of UJAM in case of guitars, I decided to resell all my KK guitars discounted

here is explained how the reselling works

Let me know if interested

the plugins are:
1 - Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst
2 - Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst Deluxe
(this is an upgrade, so I suppose you must have the 1st version already, or you have to buy both)
Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic - SOLD
Evolution Hollowbody Blues - SOLD
4 - West Africa (Percussion ensemble)

Selling software is much easier if there is any price :grinning:

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You are right :grinning:
I had to complete a job, but later I’ll write it down

They are selling guitars and West Africa at 49,50 €, so I can only give each at 35 €
(I paid 99 € for all them a little time ago :japanese_goblin:)

I think those Native guitars sound better than, for example, Ujam guitars. However, if you want Picked Melody acoustic to sound good, you have to be a really good keyboard player. I would remember that you weren’t much of a Native supporter anyway. :grinning:

Yes, they sound better if you are very able at keyboard, and you also have a spare hand for articulations :grin:, otherwise they don’t sound so well
About the other question, I was never a fan of Native because they use the kontakt engine

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BTW, it’s particularly true for UJAM 1, but try the demo of any UJAM 2, and maybe you’ll change opinion: the new engine is totally different and way better, and coupled with good effects is totally another story

BTW I also abandoned the Izotope’s in favour of the way easier EZMix, but I’ll not try to resell them because I know I am the only one using them :grin: :cold_face: :rofl:

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Hey @ClaudioPorcellana I’m interested in picked acoustic if you still have it. I was going to PM you but it seems you have disabled.


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Wrong, my friend. You are not the only one. I am a huge fan of iZotope products and find them fantastic. There are so many YT videos how to make the best of them. Check those by Geoff Manchester. Just a bit of passion and patience and you can have fantastic results.
Sorry, I already have almost all of them so I cannot buy yours.

OK, wait that I enable it

I used them smoothly and happily in Ableton, but Bitwig is totally another story: the Relay tool doesn’t work, so no Visual mixer that was the one of the main goodies, and other isotopes had erratic bad behaviours as well, so this is why I gave up and searched for another super easy plugin

I found then that just 2 buttons in EZMix give me the same result as a dozen of Izotopes, and I am a renowned simplifier… :grin: :rofl:

Why do you always use the wrong DAWs? :joy:

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Check this solution for Visual Mixer problem in Bitwig:

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Thanks, but in the past one day worked, after a new Bitwig version, but a few days after stopped working after another Bitwig or Izotope version

the problem is that new versions of both pieces of software jump out quite often

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I don’t know for Bitwig but iZotope has new versions every two or three years or so. And I did not change v. 9 to 10 until I found the irresistible offer ($$) , although it means I bought it quite lately. Hehe.

I bought Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic from @ClaudioPorcellana. Transaction was great! Great communication and fast processing.


Well, I can say that the NI reselling workflow is so easy

others ask for a fee for each instrument
and others don’t allow reselling at all

BTW, maybe that buying in your currency removes the paypal fee, I must check this for next buyers

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Well, Bitwig devs are too much fast then

anyway, EZMix is way easy and is one tool only

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I actually found your mixes are better after you stopped using iZotope. I think you were over using it. It squashed everything.

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