New EZkeys 2

This has been expected. The former is already too outdated.


Yes, I just booked the update

I only hope that the interoperability between their tools will be there

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All that’s missing now is EzGuitar!
You know it has to be coming…

EZKEY2 also has suggested chords.


The sound of the guitar is quite difficult.
So, they haven’t launched EZGUITAR yet

And, there are many guitar plugins, so finding their place is difficult


Seems like really good reforms.

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These improvements are huge

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Are you going for the update? Did they update the EZBass as well?

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I guess EZguitar will never happen. It’s been requested since many years, but they even haven’t mentioned it at all. So sad.

Well, but there are not so many guitar plugins that can make guitar riff easily like EZ series. NI Session Guitarist and Ujam series have the function, but they are not so flexible. Plus, they are too fat, so the room of your HDD will be gone quickly. Not so efficient.
I’m pretty sure many people still want EZguitar if it comes out.

It’s brilliant! I’m looking forward to it!

Totally agree, to the point I stopped buying other NI guitars
Their sound is amazing, but using them is cumbersome, and my PC is too weak for sample-based plugins

The same applies to Soundpaint instruments: great sound but difficult to use, apart the sax and the flute

Both were developed for good keyboard players IMHO
I am not a good one, so I prefer the Toontrack bass and the AAS guitar, and also my old good Broomstick Bass for jamming


Not really an excuse in this day and age. You can get a 1T external SSD for around $79 these days.
A 2T cost $160. Room to run many sample libraries very efficiently.

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I didn’t continue to use the NI guitar because it was inconvenient to use.
Have you ever used a band in a box?
Just input the chord and choose a music style or REALTRACK
Generate the guitar you need immediately. Very convenient.

The function of AAS is good, but the sound is not impressive. Ample Guitars sound better.

I’ve been using 4TB external SSD and the room is getting full because of the sample libraries.

The editing of Ample Guitars is too complex. It’s also a waste of time.
If you have the opportunity, try band in a box