Pattern Switching with Key Switches MIDI Timing

When using Key Switches to change patterns I notice that the Key Switch note must be placed slightly earlier on the track in order for the Pattern to play in time correctly. I find I need to place the Key Switch 1/16th before the point I want the new Pattern to begin.

It this a “bug?” I’ve run into this kind of thing before with various MIDI setups so I just work with it. Any comments welcome.

This is pretty common in MIDI and not really a fault in Scaler. Most DAWs will quantize on the next beat. I always had to do that in Live to wind up on the downbeat for changes. Not sure I’d classify it as a bug.

I agree. I just thought I’d mention it because it can be a little tricky.

Yes, definitely good to have people aware of it.

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I was having to do that when I was playing around with keyswitches for my MusicLab Guitars.

After studio one changed to sound variations I didn’t have that problem. Not sure why it works but I get the articulation when I put it in unless another event blocks it which can still happen in crowded situations.

I’d like to improve this area, Scaler is pretty good compared to other libraries and VSTs I use. Some of them do respond bang on the money but overall we are sitting fairly well that it isn’t a priority IMO.


Thanks for the comment, David. I agree and probably should have phrased my post a little differently and not suggested this is a bug but just a user tip.

My hope is that any new users will know that Key Switches for Pattern changes work best when the Key Switch Note is placed slightly before the beat, or part of the beat, to keep the music playing in time.

I find in most cases placing the Key Switch Note 1/16th before I want the pattern to change is good for a DAW.

For live use I’d adjust my playing to allow for the slight latency.


I’m not sure if I’m missing a step or not. I have an instance of Scaler 2.7.2 playing the Felt Piano. I created two patterns and loaded 8 chords in each. I created a separate MIDI track in Cubase 12.x latest version and put notes in to change from pattern 1 to pattern 2. I can see the notes changing the chords. However, the problem is that pattern 1 plays fine, and when I see Scaler change to pattern 2, I do not hear any anything from Scaler.

You can see that C1 and D1 are set to switch patterns and that works but no audio comes through when pattern 2 plays.
Any ideas or other setup I need to change?

You need to lasso both patterns so they are both bind to MIDI than it should work. See how Pattern 1 is blue? They should both be blue.

Thanks @jamieh - I just found the post by @ed66 a few minutes ago Switch to next chord in progression builder via MIDI - #3 by ed66

Thanks you both for this info. I didn’t find it in my first search.