I’d love to see options to configure easily a polyrithmic melody line in a second instance, based on a first melody. So inherit another time signature on top of the first melody.

It’s funny you bring that up - I was just thinking about polyrhythms, specifically Euclidean rhythms. I wonder if there is a way to take the chords output by Scaler and have each note of the chord generate a different Euclidean rhythm? I guess it would be a sort of Euclidean arpeggiator. Does such a thing exist? :thinking:

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This is good. On offer at moment for €6.

Got this one, not an easy or flexible tool at all

Got a nice plugin in Ableton for those.

But there is also one called HY-RPE.

But I’d like more to see a function like this one in OPS

RPE is nice, but doesn’t accept incoming midi, ie a chord.

I have HATEFISh, it’s very simple and good for some things. But it can’t take an incoming chord and split the notes across its rhythm “lanes” so each note plays at a different rhythm.

Yeah, maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t get HY-RPE2 to use “live” incoming chords from Scaler to drive the playback. @KCFYX, since you mentioned it, do you know of a way to do this?

The setup I use, have RPE output C Maj scale to Scaler from C3 onwards, and have Scaler adjust output to notes from chord.

Scaler actually comes out of the box with a couple of different time signatures, all you have to do is overlap them across multiple tracks, each with a differently configured Scaler instance…

Alternatively, you can play with the “Humanize” menu options, such as “Swing”…

or “Quantize”…


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Not actually give you lot of freedom selecting any time signature you want to use on top of a 4/4 or other time signature sequence like typing in manually a 9/16 or 7/11.

Not sure, would need to check and experiment… :wink:

Likely that Scaler doesn’t address every musical case for polyrhythms. As a fellow polyrhythm afficionado, I was quite pleased with what came out of the box already. For the more nuanced requirements I have my complementary tool set (Reaktor, Falcon, and various iOS based MIDI Sequencers with flexible timing).

From a percussion standpoint, I’ve had some interesting proofs of concept…

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I’m waiting for this…


Thanks, this is a great tip! I was thinking about it backwards, trying to send Scaler into RPE. Sending RPE into Scaler as you suggest works perfectly. I just needed to use Chord Mute:


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Just for anyone wondering, Midinous is excellent. Great fun.