Problem when running more than 2 instances of Scaler

When running Scaler 2.4 on more than one track, Mixcraft pro studio9 suddenly responds very slowly almost to the point of freezing. No other vst does this, I run multiple tracks of Omnisphere and Nexus with no problems, as soon as I go back to a single instance of Scaler my DAW behaves normally.
I have a work around but I’ve never needed to do this before.
I’ve seen David’s videos running multiple instances of Scaler with no problems, That’s what I want to do.
Any help appreciated.

More information is needed of your setup to properly diagnose a problem. OS, versions, etc.


I have no immediate answer, but can confirm that I’ve not had any issue with multiple instances of Scaler in a single project (Cubase Pro 10). I typically don’t run more than four or so instances of Scaler in a single project. I don’t know Mixcraft Pro Studio 9, but perhaps there’s some configuration issue there? Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

The problem may be DAW specific, my personal record on parallel Scaler instances (working well) was at 64 (8x / per track, for each of 8 parallel tracks in Bitwig, on Win 8.1 x64 w/ 32GB RAM)

I’ve run 6 Scalers with no problems at all. There was an earlier post of problems with Scaler and Mixcraft, was that you as well?

What were each of the Scalers doing? Polychords?

Many thanks for your response.
With one track of scaler in Mixcraft playing a sequence of 4 chords works fine.
When I duplicate the track without changing any performances both play ok, but any mouse operations become jerky.
When I duplicate again giving me 3 tracks of scaler then the whole thing freezes including the transport bar, the only way out is to end process in the task manager.
I’ve switched audio off but it doesn’t help. I’m running an i7 4core with 16g ram 1TB ssd, windows 10 64bit.
The thing is I can use multiple tracks of Sylenth, Omnisphere, Nexus ect without any problem which seems to rule out my computer and Mixcraft. This problem only occurs when using Scaler and yet you guys with different DAWs don’t have a problem!!!.

Instead of duplicating try creating a new track and adding Scaler to it. Use Sync on the first Scaler to Sync them and see what happens.

I fed them into RandArp instances to create a variety of complementary melodies

You have that posted on Soundcloud?

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Have you used previous versions of Scaler and been able to use multiple instances in your DAW?

I’m wondering if there was, perhaps, an issue with your installation of Scaler?

Cubase has a method to ‘reset preferences’ which sometimes is needed to resolve an issue, perhaps your DAW has a similar function?

It doesn’t sound like there’s an issue with your computer since you are able to use the instruments without a problem. Sorry you’ve run in to this problem. If it were me, I’d probably try to uninstall and then reinstall the program after a clean reboot.

Good luck. It should resolve somehow. This is uncommon.

Thanks, I’ve uninstalled Scaler and have done a clean install and reboot, I then created 3 separate instances of Scaler, synced them up and nothing has changed everything freezes so I’m at a loss as to what to do next.
I’m surprised I’ve not had any feedback from Scaler members who use Mixcraft, I can’t be the only one.
I’ll get back to Mixcraft Acoustica to see if they can shed any light on the problem, if not I’ll keep working around this issue which has it’s limitations but works.

Perhaps they’ll be able to test Scaler in Mixcraft and see if this problem can be reproduced. Also, if Mixcraft has its own forums perhaps another user of both programs will know what’s what. Sorry about this. I hope you find a solution.