Ringing on first chord when recording and playing

So I’m on Scaler 2.5 and I am using Logic Pro X latest version at the time of this message. The issue is on the first chord or note after recording there is this bell like ring that happens when scaler is open and used as a midi Fx. I thought it was another plug-in but it does it on all plugins. It only happens on the first chord that is recorded. If I do midi capture then you never hear it. It’s awful because if I bounce the midi track down to audio it includes the bell ring sound.

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I have the exact issue with Scaler 2.5 on Logic Pro X.

Can you tell where the sound is coming from? Which track? Is it from the track Scaler is on?

It’s scaler because it goes away as soon as I disable scaler. I’m using it as a midi Fx within Logic. Then adding Keyscape as the instrument.

Can you make a screen capture of this so we can see and hear what is happening.

Might be worth downloading the free Hex editor at mh-nexus
and seeing if there is a hex ‘07’ at the front of the file … though it would be odd if there were. When all else fails, time to try the long shots.

From the web site I get the impression that Hex editor is a windows program. OP is Mac based if so. What is the Hex 07 code if that was it?

Triggers a ‘BEL’ action on the machine, but the code is supposed to be cross operating system

This sounds like the M1 running Monterey issue when using a MIDI FX in Logic. Try running Logic under Rosetta, that should solve your problem. There are still developers using the same tech stack our devs use whom are reliant upon a fix from Apple. Disappointing but nothing we can do until a fix arrives which I am led to believe is due soon.

Do you have any updates on this issue?

I am sorry for bugging you, but it would be nice to know some updates on this issue?

Could you please look at the following related issue?

/cc @Ed1 @james

@james @davide @Ed1 Could you please provide any updates?


I also have had this issue with note feedback on M1 native Monterey 12.5.1 Logic 10.7.4 for some time.

All my plugins, Softube Arturia are m1 native.

I was hoping that this was going to resolved when 2.6 was released.

As a paying customer it’s extremely frustrating.

Welcome to the forums @Optimo Ed and the development team are expecting a beta for a new Logic Update which may fix the issue. Hold tight there are many forces at play here outside our control so hopeful the universe aligns and we are good…
Obviously the instrument works fine and Midi FX works fine under Rosetta too.

Hi Davide, the issue is still present in yesterdays newly released Logic 10.7.5.

When can we expect a fix please?

I have tested Logic 10.7.5 + Scaler 2.7.0, and the issue is still reproducible.

Do you have any plans to fix aliminate this issue completely and allowing Logic users to get rid of Rosetta mode?

I think you need to ask Apple that question. They are aware and we are really hopeful that something will be addressed soon. I am currently in conversations with some higher level people and hoping for some good news very soon.

Thank you for sharing details about JUCE in the separate thread.

I hope Apple will address that issue soon and fix all MIDI FX issues, and they have fixed a lot of them Logic Pro release notes - Apple Support.

This particular issue with “ringing” is kindly annoying, and Logic (other apps) is slow in Rosseta mode, even Apple engineers have made amazing job by creating Rosetta 2/Universal 2.

As far I may see, if that issue is in Logic then the only one way is to escalate it to Apple and ask to fix it by filling a request via Feedback Assistant.app or Bug Reporting - Apple Developer.

As a software engineer, I have submitted a couple of issue and they have been resolved. Now I know more details, but it is not clear to me what a kind of MIDI issue is here (eg. Logic sends incorrect MIDI Message, Logic<->JUCE/any other Framework(s)/SDK(s) has MIDI network/driver issue).

Anyway, I have just submitted a new request using Core MIDI category, and I am looking forward for their reply.