Salsa music

It would be great if you could add some tumbao/montuno rhythm into scaler as well as some chords tipical of the salsa music including used baseline patterns for the different tumbao rhythms.

Thank you for your attention on this request and thank a lot for the great plugin.


Welcome Pedro, yes Montunos, latin, West African and Indian rhythms are severely under represented in scaler. I think we could introduce this in quantise. Like have an Latin or Ethnic profile, for this to work well we would need a percussive element. Stay tuned :wink:


Since I used scaler, I understand
The music style has its own chord combination :joy: :grinning:

Hello Davide,
Thank you for your feedback. What do you mean with quantise. Is it another vst or is it a function in scaler?
I’ll stay tuned :wink:

I am very interested in any world-music patterns

Salsa and merengue, and African tunes are indeed the missing proof of concepts in my series “Scaler is good at”, apart Scaler is good at Fela Kuti

Maybe I’ll do a try to Latin-American vibes, but I am currently too much engrossed in my Hammond and rock

Quantise is a function in sequencers that force the rhythmic position of a note. Usually used to lock to the steps of a beat (16th, 8th etc) it’s also used to introduce swing (moving every 8th or 16th note) and more humanised playing styles (pushing / pulling). It can also be used as a groove template which looks at specific rhythms and where notes are played. Many latin styles have strong emphasis on where elements sit rhythmically and we could emulate that with a cumbia, bossa nova, rumba, salsa, son, and tango profile for example. The only problem is that you really need percussive elements to emphasise the difference between on and off. I’ll have a play and see what works…

@Pedro In the meanwhile you can try the Bossa Nova series
I found that some of them sound quite “Latin”

Davide again, thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Now I understand.
Yes, percussive elements are important. But for someone who wants to make salsa rhythms, the need for such elements should be clear. I think there are enough conga, bongos, guiros, timbales loops to work with. I think with Scaler it would be sufficient to point out that this one is a Tumbao / Montuno pattern in the 2-3 Clave or the other in the 3-2 Rumba / Son Clave and one would then produce the percussive elements in the specified Clave or use some premade loops. Of course, I speak like a user. I have no idea how easy or difficult it is to implement this in scaler.
Have a nice day!

@Pedro have you checked this post?

And you can find other useful info about Scaler and drums here

Thank a lot Claudio :blush: :+1:t4:

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You are welcome
I love Latin-American music, and dances that I practised for years