Saving a Chord Set with More Than 8 Chords

Hey Scaler team,

Could you direct me on how I can save a Chord Set in Section C that has more than 8 chords such that if I import that chord set in Section A, all of the chords (i.e., more than 8) will show?

Within Section C, I can save the patterns as individual chord sets (which would only save 8 chords max) and if I save the entire session, when I import that Chord Set session, only 1 of the 2 chord set patterns shows up in Section A.

At the end of the day, I want to be able to load a chord set in Section A with more than 8 chords.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Why would you need to? Section C is performance not section A. What is it you are trying to achieve by that?

But in section C you can have 8 chords x 7 progressions = 56 chords. Add more progressions and then select the ones you need

There are several reasons. For example, a user may have a list of favorite chords that they want to save, easily access and experiment with. There are a lot of possible chords so that list could easily be more than 8 chords. With that list, the user may want to test out possible combinations and add them into a blank pattern in Section C. That user may also have an existing chord pattern in Section C and want to see whether any of that user’s favorite chords fit within the existing chord pattern in Section C.

Within Scaler, there are presets such as “ABC DU BEATMAKING 10” and under community presents, “JADED–>LUSTER” that load more than 8 chords into section A. This shows that this use case can be supported. Putting the question of “why” to the side for the moment, it’d be great to get a clear answer on “how” this can be done.

I understand. Any improvement will be good for all of us

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Section A was designed to hold chords detected to then be moved to section C. “A” can hold dozens of chords but because they are held in a linear way that makes them hard to easily access. There are a few posts complaining about that. In any event Section C is the working section. Maybe your ideas will be incorporated in some revision down the line. I was just pointing out how it works now. And the why was because it seemed counter intuitive to my understanding of Scaler so I wanted to better understand why you wanted it. Nothing more then that.