Scalar iOS standalone crashes immediately on iOS 16.5.1

After updating my 11” iPad Pro (3rd generation) to iOS 16.5.1, Scalar crashes immediately upon launch. Scalar Control works as expected under AUM after the update.

Hi @grokker

It’s working fine for us with the same setup and we haven’t seen this issue reported anywhere else. If you haven’t already, would you please quit out of Scaler completely, restart your iPad and open Scaler in standalone to see if the issue persists.
Failing this there will be a 2.8.1 release for iPad which will be up in the next day, you might have success updating to that when it is live.

Restarting the iPad did not resolve the issue. I will wait for the 2.8.1 release to try again.

Hey @grokker Check this thread and see If it helps. 2.8.1 should be up very soon just awaiting approval from apple

I just updated to the 2.8.1 release, and I’m still seeing the immediate crash in standalone, even after rebooting the iPad. Is there a way to submit a crash report analytics file?

I Recently downloaded Scaler 2 on my IPad Pro 12.9 1st generation IOS 16.6

I rebooted, uninstalled, fresh reinstalled with the latest 2.8.1 release but it is still hanging on the loading screen like has been reported above, before a silent crash.

Please can somebody help? I was really looking forward to using Scaler on a big touchscreen after enjoying the excellent PC experience.

Hey @djskope and welcome to the forum. Strange that this has affected only a few users, we have a similar setup and no issues. First thing is please read through this post as there seems to have been some solutions found here:

The other users that were having problems never came back so it seems people are finding a solution.

Upon loading Scaler will access Internet for one time authorisation, ensure it has access to your microphone for detection and load its auto-save. If anything is connected to the iPad that could also be causing a conflict. Let us know how you go.

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Hi Davide, well, the darnedest thing - I saw your message and powered up to try your suggested fixes at 2am… and without me changing any settings, it got further than it had before!

It progressed past the splash screen and then loaded the audio permissions screen, to which I selected the ‘Allow’ microphone option. From there the GUI loaded fine :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a habit of buying software, testing it quickly, and then going back to it at a later date. I did find some user files in Scaler I must have sleepily created and saved, from about two weeks ago in my ‘Recents’ on this iPad pro device. so I reckon I must have had it working on this iPad Pro at a previous point.

The only thing I think I’ve changed in the past couple of weeks is updating the iPadOS to 16.5.1 from 16.6, so maybe after the OS update, something went squiffy with the permissions, but then somehow resolved itself after unin/reinstall and a couple of full reboots. As a QA tester, it’s strange, but very happy it’s loading now. P.S. Big up to you Mr. Carbone, junglist massive!:sunny:

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I’m still having the issue. Happy to send an analytics crash report if you provide me with an email.