Scalar2 midi routing with Reason Studio

Based on the product description is states the following:

  • Reason - OK - No MIDI Routing: Use Blue Cat Audio Patchwork for MIDI Routing

I tried very hard, but I can’t find a way to make midi routing work using Blue Cat Patchwork and Reason. Can someone please elaborate on how to do this? Basically I would like to have reason as my daw, use scalar to generate notes that play reason instruments directly …

Thanks for any advise!

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There’s some YT videos that would help. I love reason and always have. I’m really hopeful they support midi pass through one day. Does this help;

Thanks for coming back on this. Tried above approach obviously already … looks like bluecat Patchwork only supports Virtual midi devices internally (for the VST’S) and those that are supported by the Daw host. If the Daw host doesn’t support midi in, then there is no chance to get midi from scalar via bluecat into reason … or am I missing sth?

As I know it that’s correct which is deeply frustrating for me as a reason user. Not entirely sure why they won’t support midi pass through. Email them and feedback.

Mhh … 1st question would be why is Plugin Boutique advertising that Midi Routing for Reason works with Bluecat if it doesn’t? I would recommend that they remove this false claim from their website.

Sorry we have got our wires crossed. Midi Routing does work, as advertised, using Bluecat. There are several resources online including the Bluecat manual on how this works. Doing a quick search brings up some results and some other users may contribute here:

Hi davide, thanks, but I went through all of this material already., this all works as long as you are not playing reason instruments through scalar. Of course you can load another vst instrument in the midi signalchain of bluecat to play it through scalar. But this is not what I want. I would like to play reason instruments through scalar. I don’t see how bluecat can help there.

Scaler doesn’t support nor does it advertise support for native Reason instruments. What scaler does support is VST instruments which work within reason using bluecat patchwork - as advertised.
All VSTs behave the same way as reason does not support midi pass through. Hence I mentioned heading over to the reasontalk forums or lodging feedback with Reason Studios.

VST midi out has been requested ever since they added VST support - so far, there has been no indication from the Reason crew whether it will added.

The daft thing is that the Reason Rack Plugin does support midi out :man_shrugging:

Here is a video on how they reworked midi out in reason studio semi-recently. Still thinking of a work around…maybe one could run a VST version of reason through Bluecat…still not the best and would really like (Midi) player support (RE version)… I’ll come back with my solution if I find a better one.

I know nothing of Reason except every time I see/hear it I think Propeller Heads.

Now there is Reason Studios, which is Reason DAW, which is Reason Rack, which is Reason VST, which is Reason Plugin… which is all beyond me and beyond reason. Anyway I digress, but the confusion has really made me step away from ever trying Reason.

However, I did find this: Note that Reason 11 and later does NOT feature ReWire , since you can use Reason 11 as a Rack Plugin in a compatible host DAW.

So up until version 11 to get sounds out of Reason use Rewire. And from version 11 on, use Reason as a Rack Plugin?!?

I hope it helps, because as I said, what Reason does is beyond me (at least).

But, what can I say?! I hope this helps somebody out. Life is sometimes overly complicated as are other things that shouldn’t be, but are.

Final Note: Both the ReWire host and device apps need to be running in the same bit mode for ReWire to work. If your host application is 32-bit, you need to run Reason in 32-bit mode as well. This can only be done in Reason 8.1 and earlier, since Reason 8.2-10.4 are 64-bit only.