Scaler 2.0.7 demo closes Reaper v6.11

Wanted to try out Scaler 2 before purchasing, however when I’m trying to open up Scaler 2, it closes Reaper down. I’m running Reaper v6.11 along with Scaler 2.0.7 Not sure if anybody else has this problem too.

Try 2.0.8 should be available by the time you read this

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All I can say is Scaler 2.0.7 works fine in my Reaper 6.11 on my windows machine. Considered also checking for Win10 updates. Good luck.

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OK, I just installed the new V2.0.8 and it shut down Reaper 6.11. What are the chances of that when things were going so well yesterday?

It is repeatable. Open reaper file with existing Scaler track. Open Scaler VST, Select Settings, Session and when I hit “clear state” Reaper shuts down!

Reinstall Scaler v2.0.7, No difference - still shutsdown.

Had to remove the Scaler insert and replace with a new one. I will think twice before using the “clear state” again. I apologize for doubting the OP :worried:

Thank you for the reply. I installed v2.0.8 and it’s not crashing, however the interface is blank ie. all black out. It seems like this is a common occurrence with others also.

I just found another thread which lists the code to input and it’s working fine now. Thanks again for all of your help.