Scaler 2.3.1 button not found

Hi developers

I just installed the new version, but I can’t see the “Wakeman” button
Please help me find it

How did you get the new version, @ClaudioPorcellana ? I can’t find it on my PluginBoutique account…

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You beat me to my question

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@TMacD and @Bernd
it was a joke…
Re-read well my post

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But now it is there

Must be taking some time getting across the pond…will live vicariously through you for a while.
What has my life come to when I spend my morning tapping the refresh button on my browser. :slight_smile: Damn you Scaler Team!

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Nope, not here. Must be a phased rollout or sumthin’

Nope, not here. Must be a phased rollout or sumthin’

No Windows, no party… at the moment

Windows, as in Billy boys toy? I got that… I helped write it.

Funny… me too back in 91.
Man I’m feeling old all of a sudden

CTRL + F5 (refresh bypassing the cache) should speed up the rollout :wink:

No such luck :frowning: I had already logged out again, closed browser, rebooted PC, no dice.

Good to know that a Scaler (v1) update is available now, according to the PluginBoutique updates list…

Maybe I should go play with it for a while to refresh my excitement for Scaler 2.3.1 :wink:

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It just stroke me that, in PB listing, you have Scaler listed as Upgrade from 1 to 2, while me and Cloudio have have v2. Maybe PB did not attach new installer to Upgrades?

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If you pay me enough folks, I can send you the zip …

@ClaudioPorcellana I was going to tell you that I just hacked into your computer, and replaced your 2.3.1 license with the 1.8.1 update :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

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Good point @lelek . That may be the core of the issue. Oh well, trust it gets sorted out in time. Looking at the new features of the 2.3.1. update I am pleasantly surprised about the upcoming progress.

@lelek you are jeopardizing my business

now I understand why all my rock mp3 files sound as EDM now
:crazy_face: :rofl:

EDM? More like this.