Scaler 2.7 multi out put

Dears ,

Im using a logic pro x 10.7.5 and upgrade scaler to 2.7
I tried to use the multi out feature as described and explained by davide by his last video in you tube . and I did notice that when I able first the multi in scaler and then go to kontakt and begin to load the 4 string as ( base audio 1 , celi audio 2 , viola audio 3 , violin audio 4 ) and start to use scaler it dose not give me any sound from audio 3 and 4 and its not catching any thing , only hearing the base and celi …wich mean it not trigger the viola and violin as audio 3 and 4 .

dont know what I did wrong but I followed completely the tutorial with no luck …
any help will be appreciated

Welcome khalid
I’m not on Apple or Logic, but this tutorial might provide some insights. Steps for Setting up Multi Voice Output In Studio One using Kontakt as an example - Tutorials - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

I know in Studio one, if I enable multiple Kontakt instruments, I need to build one track per instrument/patch (but only one instance of Kontakt), set the midi channel on the instrument AND set the mid channel on the Scaler Instrument Input line. Each track shows both the instrument providing the sound and the source providing the input (in this case Scaler)

Good luck

Are you still having problems with logic 10.7.5 and scaler 2.7 in kontakt?

Thanks man for the help, reading the tutorial help me but mostly the video

Yes sir , it worked as i follow the youtube tutorial and suddenly it works

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