Scaler 2.8.1?

There is a Scaler 2.8.1??? How am I supposed to know that? As a Scaler 2.8 owner I was never sent any notification that there was an update and the Scaler download on PluginBoutique still says 2.8. unless you click on the version number to see that there is a 2.8.1.

One would think that when a bug fix is released the owners of the product would be notified.
Very confusing…

Have you tried to ask to Plugin Boutique?
Or, have you checked the default OS is not wrong?
I am always offered the MAC version even if I have a Windows OS

Ops sorry, I believed you wasn’t able to find the latest version

Well, emails go nowhere sometimes: it happens

Updates are normally announced on this board. For smaller companies, especially when they are free second point upgrades, this is not uncommon. Note that Scaler are not a distributor - Plug in Boutique play that role.

There is a quirk on the PiB web site. In your account, the version shown for Scaler is the last version downloaded, not the latest. Weird, I know. :roll_eyes: If you click on the dropdown it will show you the later version above it, if there is one.

Updates are also normally shown on (often with an informative video).

Pib also normally put first point updates on their site e.g. Scaler 2.8 is NOW!! - YouTube

Finally, they have the convention (pretty typical) of versions of the form N.n.x , and x tend to be specific fixes rather than functional updates. So if it is currently working ok, generally an x update won’t have any significant change. n updates are generally pretty full of good stuff.

On bugs, they are normally reported here under the bug category, and the devs will respond and if they concur, they often site a time for a release. Generally this will be at an x point. People who are affected by the bug normally come back to the board to see how tings are progressing.

There is the philosophical aspect of a ‘bug’, and that is a bug is only a bug if some function does not perform in accordance with the specification, viz he manual. Anything else is a feature request.
So if you don’t use the affected function the fact that someone else has a problem is sort of academic for you. So I take the approach that if it works with my workflow, I’m not bothered by whatever bugs there might be, so don’t check. If it falls over, I visit the board and do a search.

It could be better, but by and larger the info is around, even if a bit scrappy.

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Thanks for all the responses. Very much appreciated!
I have literally hundreds of plugins and I can think of only one other company that does not personally notify users of a bug fix update whether it be via email or a notification in their installer app. That’s Plugin Alliance.
However, now I know how to check for Scaler updates and it should be rather smooth sailing from here?
Thanks again to all!

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I share that issue. But many of my plugins are authored and distributed by large companies, such as Arturia, NI, Spectrasonics, Spitfire etc.

Oddly, (and ironically) Plugin Alliance are owned by Native Instruments, so they should have the capabilities to keep people updated.

PiB , on the other hand, are an intermediary and handle third party products and clearance sales as far as I can see, so deal on low margins. Their last published accounts showed 16 employees, so I’m always personally amazed at how many videos Scaler guru Joshua Casper churns out. They were bought by US outfit Beatport a while back, and I’m sure that will flow through to their development.

Anyway, I recommend that you think of the board as a community rather than just a bug list; people swap ideas, there are tutorials on interesting topics, and there is always somebody happy to help out if a user gets stuck trying to do something.

BTW, I have no connection with PiB or Scaler, and am just another unmusical bedroom hacker playing around with a few bits of MIDI.

Ha! Excellent response!
I totally get what you are saying. So no problem.
I have contacted Plugin-Alliance about this very subject. They will be migrating their products to the NI installer at some point which will solve their problem.

Hey @macster Turn on notifications for this thread and you’re good to go! Scaler 2 Latest Version / Updates

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Thanks for the tip!