Scaler 2.8.2

Plugin Boutique is showing a 2.8.2 new Is there an announcement, news, or changelog that I missed on the forums or elsewhere?

in the release notes 2.8.1 fixed some things, and 2.8.2 added / fixed some Mac functionality. didn’t see an announcement per se but i routinely check my apps and plugins for updates…

It’s just an update to include Beatport Access and allow Rent To Own - two new models from Beatport / Plugin Boutique. No changes to 2.8.1 other than that. Working hard on 2.9! Due Q1 24.


Urgh I believed it was the 3 version :smiling_face_with_tear:

You can always buy an extra copy if you simply want to give them some money. I’m betting most of us appreciate the free dot updates as they have provided a lot of value over the life of the program and really enhanced things, not just bug fixes.

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Don’t worry Claudio. We have been working EXTRA hard for a few years on a special project for you. Less than a year to wait now! Se Dio vuole!


It would be useful to put a note in General Discussion forum for such updates, I think.

Follow this one. We haven’t posted 2.8.2 there because it’s not really an update!

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Thanks! But I’d say that any change deserves updating an ongoing Changelog post that is obvious on the forum. And also that any change deserves a versioning increment of some kind, even if it’s adding “build xxx” to eg. 1.8.1 or something like that :slight_smile:

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How do I check for scaler updates?

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Does Beatport Access mean that you have to have the Internet on all the time when you use it? I just bought their new synth with Beatport Access and I cannot use it unless it is connected.

Not for Scaler unless you have subscribed via Beatport access and I can’t answer for other products from Beatport I’m afraid. Contact Plugin Boutique directly.

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Phew! :disappointed_relieved:
And thanks for sharing! You’re among the most responsive and transparent devs out there in the #MusicTech scene. So it’s useful to keep these updates somewhere.

(To acknowledge my bias: I’m currently having a kind of deep realization about the importance of frontloading some work on documentation, which includes changelogs and release notes as well as “getting started” guides, inline help, and even these forums.)

At any rate, really glad you’re confirming that we won’t have to use Beatport Access unless we got Scaler through it.

Honestly, it’d have been surprising (and disappointing) if you had suddenly switched to a full-on Beatport model.
Still not too clear what’s happening with PiB itself, actually. Their transition isn’t discussed. The Soundspot plugins repackaged as “Core Collection” were the first hint, yet they weren’t very clear on it. These days are probably the busiest time of year, for them. While they’ve pushed a couple of subscription deals, this “Black Friday season” hasn’t been that different from previous years.
Guess other shoes will drop soon after sales volumes go back to their average.

So, in terms of Scaler’s roadmap, it’s very useful to reassure us that this “minor” update bringing RtO isn’t distracting you from 2.9 as a regular release for current owners. Otherwise, some might start “reading tealeaves” about 3.0 requiring Beatport Access. (I’m guessing you can’t commit to never going that route. And you probably realize that a Beatport exclusive would really shift the way we perceive and use Scaler.)

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I knew it, that you must have had some superpower on your team :wink:

I am enthusiastically praying for an Ableton Live 11 host automation of many scaler parameters. I specialize in freespace virtuoso controllers over the past 34 years and recently working on the 13th generation of system now - a hot-rod LaserHarp with Genki wave rings on each hand. I have custom controls on iPad and iPhone and an all-ableton-internal DAW config. When introduced I would immediately exploit all scaler host automation for chord sets, chord voicing and variations, modulation, etc etc. In am interested in developing new methods for realtime chord and scale control and selection while performing hands-off in freespace and jamming with other players.