Scaler 2.8 crash all my DAW'S - Refound

Today i’ve buy Scaler 2, last version 2.8 from Plugin Boutique
Sadly the app not WORK! Not open, and crash my DAW’S:

  • Studio One 6 Version
  • Blue Cat’s PatchWork version 2.6.5
    on Mac Studio M1 with Monterey 12.6.6

The application is useless! I want a Refound!


Plenty of people here are running 2.8 without problem on Macs, so this is likely to be a set up / conflict issue somewhere.

The developers are in Melbourne, so they won’t have seen your post yet, and I’ve no doubt US Mac users will comment shortly.

So please don’t rush to bin it too quickly … it really is a great application which is used in a wide variety of ways, and once it’s running you will find it to be a good addition to your software inventory.

I’m not connected with Plugin Boutique or the Scaler folk, just an enthusiastic user.

Check this thread, upon installing please ensure you also install the extra sounds: