Scaler 2 crashes

On fl studio when i click on the suggest button on scaler 2 i got a message saying "Scaler 2 crashed while processing ". Am i the only one ? If not i will need some help because i don’t know what’s causing that. It also do the same thing when i hit modulation button.

Hi @Zedpr

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Can you state what OS you are using, please, as it may help resolve the issue?

Hi !
I’m on windows 10

Thank you, hopefully somone who is familiar with FL studio can help you.

Well i hope so, i’ve been on many forums but looks like no one as the same issue.

I’ve just tried Scaler on my Live 11.2.6 on Win 10 (16GB RAM i7) with 4 Scalers, live sync’ed to 4 synths : 2 x Izotope Iris, Hybrid and Xpand!2.

I had no crashes but even with ASIO4ALL I had pops and crackles because of Iris 2 which is very heavy on cpu.

I don’t know if this helps.

Thank you for trying, but i just don’t know what to do. My scaler don’t even close when it’s crashing. It just don’t make sound anymore and fl studio tell me that scaler crashed during the processing . I have no clue what’s doing that.

Hi @Zedpr

you can try disabling the audio detection from the top section of Scaler. Clicking on the “Audio” button will disable the audio detection and might make Scaler more stable.

You can also try to disable OpenGL rendering from the ScalerSettings application:

Let us know if that helps,

Hi !
I’ve tried the disable the audio detection but it didn’t worked, and sadly i can’t find the scaler settings on my pc i don’t know why

A quick search on my C drive for scalersettings found ScalerSettings.exe in

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2

Thanks i found it, but still doesn’t work sadly.

I’ll try to uninstall it completely later maybe it can help

Hey just to let you know that it work now ! I was launching fl studio on a wrong version so now it work perfectly. Thanks for trying to help ed you’re a kind man

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