Scaler 2 feedback, suggestions and roadblocks

Hi there I have been using scaler for a while now, I’ve been really enjoying its functionality. Its definitely one of my favourite production tools. I’ve recommended it to friends and I’ve been impressed at the rate of its improvements in the update notes.
I have been compiling suggestions and roadblocks as I go for the sake of providing feedback and hopefully incorporate this functionality and fix the impediments to workflow as detailed in the final section.


· Be able to detect scale from chord progressions in the hot menu

· Lock the scale from scalers side onto logic. Would be great since in the workflow it’s generally chosen from scalers side. Same thing goes for tempo

· In performances and other top menus, have up and down arrow to scroll through easily, rather than having to click into the menu each time while exploring different options

· In midi capture allow the settings to be able to be saved too, so we can continue the session

· Save favourite performances and have space for a written note. Then be able to view your favourites and lists within those favourites and organise them into groups

· Add ability to favourite/organise/write-note for scales/songs/artist-selections

· Transpose ready made progressions from songs in their entirety

· be able to set up a higher octave in the play grid for all chosen chords at once

· create a feature like that ai dragon for drums and baselines for iPad

· Allow audio to play from other sources in the background from the same device from Google music etc to get scale and to be able to play along with

· Better tap in state for key detection manually, confirm long press. Often while testing to select note, it’s common to press a wrong note. However this requires resetting. If instead of a normal click, a long press was used to confirm the notes in this mode, that would be great.

Chord mode and Pad devices
· Create a link between the chords and a launchpad: the launchpad would be an incredibly useful companion tool to scaler. It would be great to have a view like the ‘midi playground’ app and a chord view similar to novations chord mode and theory board

· Allow the chosen notes to be assigned to a note to allow Launchpad x to play them. For example when selecting the chosen notes, the first chord could be assigned to C, the next c#, d etc Then it allows for easy testing and playthrough from within the scaler workspace with external devices without just having to click on the screen. Binding Pad to 8x8 Grid - #4 by Bernd

Roadblocks in Logic for iPad:
· Doesn’t record audio when it’s selected as a logic instrument of external and logic audio. But it does when it’s selected as a standalone app from within the logic daw. It has the option as an instrument but not as a MIDI controller, which is primarily how most people use it in logic. So this really needs to be fixed for use with logic on the iPad.

· It would be great to be able to drag and drop MIDI track from iPad to the scaler 2 instrument in detect mode. Essential features given its functionality. Otherwise I have to export them, save import into scaler. It impedes the flow substantially.

· Doesn’t open mpeg4 audio which is one of the main file types logic exports tracks as.

Thanks for looking through this, it would be fantastic to be able to have these features and QOL improvements!

An addendum to the above post due to posting limitations in forum

· Build in theory board functionality

Theory board

Novation launchpad chord mode

An interesting example of quick access to scale based production