Scaler 2 in Studio One: Can Trigger Notes Be Copied?

Can I get existing midi triggers to trigger chord progressions (and rhythms, etc.) in new tracks?

Basically, I’ve developed a chord progression in Scaler 2. I’ve played it onto an instrument track using the single note triggers, so in the piano roll on that track, I only “see” the trigger notes. I’m also able to see and use the full chords by, e.g., punching “Midi Capture” in Scaler, playing and recording the progression, and dragging it onto a new track in Studio One - for example, a track already loaded with a Kontakt 7 instrument. So far, so good - very easy.

My challenge is at 8:50 in the video linked below. He talks about using Scaler 2 as a Midi Effect in Logic (I think) whereby he opens a new track, sets a 3rd-party VST as the instrument, sets Scaler 2 as a MIDI Effect, and drags & drops from the original Scaler 2 track - the one with the trigger notes - onto the new track. The trigger notes then trigger the full chords in the new track.

But no matter what I try, when I drag/drop from the trigger-track onto a new track, I only get the actual single notes - no chords. I can’t figure out how to set up Studio One tracks & routing to do what he’s showing here.

I heard on one YouTube video that you can’t set up Midi FX in Studio One this way. And it may not make a difference anyway: Since I can generate the full Midi chords and drag them wherever I want from Scaler, it doesn’t seem I’d gain much from the ability to simply drag/drop triggers and have them work automatically. But if it IS possible, I’d love to know.

Greetings and welcome.

If I understand your question, the basic answer is yes, you can feed “trigger notes” to Scaler and Scaler will respond with the chords or, if you have Performances enabled, the performance playback.

For this to occur, you need to be sure you have a Bind button enabled in the section you are using.
Now, when that track plays, Scaler will use any notes on the track to trigger what ever settings you have enabled in Scaler. Understanding what Scaler setting is enabled when you playback a track, is part of keeping things straight in your head.

FWIW, I’d start with a simple, empty project and just do the basics 1st. 1 track, and 1 instance of Scaler.

As for using Scaler as a Midi FX, you are correct that S1 does not “support” midi FX in the same way as some other DAWs. However, it is an easy routing setup in S1 and part of my standard Scaler template…

Here is a post on routing Scaler in Studio One 5.5 (should be the same as 6+)

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