Scaler 2 + Maschine JAM

Per the conversation here, I am sharing a template for using Maschine Jam with the chords mapped to Scaler 2’s Section C matrix. Example Ableton project included (.als file) First, load the *.ncc file into NI Controller Editor, this will map the Maschine Jam buttons accordingly. Then start exploring what it does with the Ableton project. If you don’t use Ableton, but have a Maschine Jam and would like to try this out, I can also create similar FL Studio or Bitwig demo projects. In fact, if you have Maschine Jam, the hardware, then you must also have Maschine 2.x the software (DAW lite) - which should also work, once adapted accordingly, let me know if interested.

And here’s an example Maschine software project, with its own dedicated Maschine Jam template for the NI Controller editor. Note: switch the Maschine Jam into MIDI mode via SHIFT+Headphones (MIDI) button, otherwise it will be by default in Maschine software mode and the template won’t work.