Scaler 2 No sound and midi output

Both Kontakt and Spitfire Labs produce sound in Reaper while Scaler doesn’t. I don’t think it’s an audio drivers issue, because Scaler doesn’t output any midi commands as well; and unfortunately reboot didn’t help either.

Hey guys,

we have some good news, I have finally been able to reproduce this issue here, I did not have to do anything specific, it suddenly stopped working, no apparent reason while everything else kept working smoothly… :exploding_head:

It allowed us to figure out what the issue was and we are now fixing it.

It was coming from the way we handle timings internally. Under some specific conditions, Scaler was using an invalid time reference to schedule MIDI events which were then dropped for having invalid times.

We have now changed the way we keep time within Scaler which will help solve other timing issues that have been reported (jitter, hung notes,…).

We are also improving the overall stability and addressing some of the feedback we have received.

If the testing goes well, the update should be available next week.

Thanks for your patience,


Thank you for your effort.

I just installed version 2.1.1 and I’m glad to report, Scaler outputs both audio and midi on my machine.
Thank you again to the developers.


Simple reboot solved my issue. Working great ever since!

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I have solution for this during installation of the scaler setup create a new folder in the path and name it scaler2 and then after install in the folder
and after open DAW and re scaning plugins and Your problem has must gone now.