Scaler 2 not recognizing partial chords

Hi there,
Scaler 2 is not recognizing, or not offering, partial chords or chords with a 5th in the chord through detection. I’ve tried to use the “notes” section previously but it inconsistently gives me the notes I’m typing in but rather offers many suggestions that are not the chord I play.

I have checked my mic and cable and checked the manual but not sure what heading this would be under. Thanks for any help.

Hi @Devin

Could you clarify what you mean by

Are you trying to detect an audio input from a synth, or a midi input from a midi keyboard? Or are you trying to detect an audio or midi clip?

I’m trying to detect using with a guitar played through a microphone using the audio detect feature using Scaler 2 through the send effect within Studio One 5 pro. Also, by typing in notes on the digital keyboard on within the Scaler 2 screen.

You can only enter chords on the Scaler keyboard on the CHORD page and not on the MAIN page, or EDIT page. There are a number of tutorials covering various functions on the Chord page: These are

Introduction to the CHORDS page
Introduction to CHORD Variations
Adding Augmented Chords Tutorial
The Chord Page: Inversions

I think these tutorials will show you how to enter and modify chords on Scaler using the keyboard.

I don’t have an audio input, and do not use Studio One, but I think you may have to use the ScalerAudio vst to detect audio input. This video from @davide covers the workflow for audio detection.

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Much appreciated, thanks.