Scaler 3 with MPE Sequencer ~!~

Hello dear Scaler Team,

My question is can you please consider making an upgrade in the future to your program and add a sequencer to it, to work with MPE controllers that also have a synthesizer included ?

Such as with Haken Audio Fingerboard :


Expressive E Osmose : osmose

Currently this is the state of things with Osmose : Sequencing the Osmose - YouTube

This is Haken software how to install it: Editor, Firmware, and User Guides — Haken Audio

Both have the same synth engine/chip that works with the Eagan Matrix and can make any kind of sound so they are quite a beast compared to other synthesizers in terms of variety of sound design since they can do so many types of synthesis.

Haken is very expensive but the new Expressive E Osmose is not that expensive by comparison, and there are a lot of people interested in the product that will need an MPE Sequencer for it.

Moreover the MPE sequencer can be beneficial to normal VSTI software too, for those who do not own an MPE controller.

There are currently no MPE Sequencers with random creative values on the market as far as i know, in VSTI format, in order for it to work with all major DAWs not just Ableton Live.

Let me know what your opinion is and if you can make your software into an MPE sequencer too, that can work with these kinds of devices.

Thank you so much,
Best Regards


Thanks for the feedback @Umbral - noted!

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