Scaler and MusicLab guitars

Hi there

I am testing the DEMO of this MusicLab guitar and I can say it works perfectly with Scaler

It is way easier than UJAM, and easier than AAS Strum GS-2 for many reasons, for example you can change keyboard’s playable parts in the plugin itself, avoiding other plugins like MIDI polysher or PITCH tools

There is a huge patterns’ database, and you can even change them with Scaler’s patterns

I don’t know it the user can add custom MIDIs, but I think it’s possible because they are plain MIDIs, not embedded in a proprietary file

The sound output is not exciting, but I understand that most MIDI guitar players use other stuff to change the sound, like e.g. Amplitube

My idea was not to buy exactly this guitar, but the Gibson like

Some folk around can give further insights?


Now I want one too. @ClaudioPorcellana, you are a bad influence :laughing:
Re: Custom patterns - their Gibson manual p.73

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I’ve always liked the MusicLab Acoustic and also the Baritone 8 string. Just put a good amp sim setup on the electric and you’re gold. NI Guitar 5 works a treat but there are many others.

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LOL, if I only understood it before, I would have asked them a commission

I like the reallpc. Isn’t there a trial version available so you can try it for yourself? If you have Kontact Riffendium might be worth a look: - Riffendium Have you heard of it before?

It’s quick and easy and a lot of fun!

thanks for information @Nopadon

I don’t have Kontact (and I tend to avoid it)
I tested the Rickenbacker and loved it, but I bought the Les Paul replica because it is the guitar of some of the guitarists I love more, e.g. Stewe Hove, Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and others

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I don’t like Kontakt myself that much also but some libraries can only be used if you have it. And some of those libraries are really worth having I reckon!

Not sure why anyone would avoid Kontakt. I did in the early days of version 3 because Mac and NI or Steinberg were quite iffy. But after getting it because I needed to compose with libraries only designed for it, I would never give it up. At version 6 it’s pretty amazing.I also use Cubase which I hated around Version 3 or 4 but it’s come a long way! But, whatever makes the most sense for your creativity. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because it is a further stuff & complication and I hate complications

Anyway I’m afraid I’ll have to ask for a refund, and again just after having bought the complete plugin, at the point I’m asking myself if this is a stupid policy of certain vendors

I mean setting a demo what works with any device, even an abacus, so that the user is spurred in buying the software, to find only after that its system is unable to cope with it

As a matter of fact, the Rickenbacker I tested recently (I was unable to test the Les Paul demo because I did it years ago) worked smoothly in my system, while the complete Les Paul didn’t

Have you tried Amplesound guitars? They’re the dogs.

I used (and I still use) AAS Strum GS-2 happily so far, but their project seems dead: no 3rd release even in development, possibly a Jazz package this year, but they are unsure, and no easy option to add MIDIs or edit existent ones; this is why I tried other options

Amplesound was quickly abandoned due to total lack of written exhaustive manual, and support

UJAM was abandoned due to the GUI not compliant with my short keyboard (49 keys) and with Scaler

That’s not how it works. The demo is the same. Both should work if one worked. That is nonsense to think a demo is different from the licensed. No way to code that. If the demo is a different version number like Unify had going by accident then the Dev will fix it. I recall using all the Demos from Musiclab fully for 30 days. And the licensed behaved exactly the same.

The developer said the same
nevertheless, the demo worked flawless, even together with other 2-3 plugins, while the complete plugin sucked most of my CPU alone!

Now the support told me:

Did you try turning off QuickLoad feature in RealLPC → Setup menu? Turning off QuickLoad will load all sample data of RealLPC into RAM.

Now I’ll try it, hoping my 8 GB of RAM aren’t drained

Here is a link to an exhaustive 84 page manual

Also, all their products are updated periodically…for free.

Try uninstalling it and reinstalling clean and reboot. 8G of ram is almost useless in the sample world. Before buying new samples I would look into getting more RAM. The thing about the MusicLab instruments is there RAM footprint is pretty low. The acoustic is less then 300Mg if I recall.

Unfortunately my MOBO cannot accept more than 8 GB, so I give up

BTW, it seemed working as VST3 for about half an hour, then the GUI started to blinking, then became unresponsive, and Ableton eventually crashed

But the demo worked like a charm, and I tested it deeply a dozen of days clicking on every single button, so I can only suspect the demo is not exactly the same as the developer claims: maybe the sample-rate is not the same, or the number of samples uploaded in the RAM is different, I don’t know, and I don’t have time to debug

Well, I’ll be stuck on AAS Strum-GS until I buy a new PC

thanks to all for assistance

ahem… if I remember well in those 84 pages there is no one clue about a simple thing as copy-pasting notes in the MIDI editor :thinking:
And I think to remember many users in the fora were angry about that

BTW: I bought their Ample Guitar LP exactly because I loved their free classic guitar, but after some days I asked for a refund; It seems a curse LOL

Let me see if I understand this. The Dev makes a product that doesn’t run well on every platform. SO in order to sell me product he makes a demo that does? :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Hi Claudio–

It would be awesome to see a video in the workflow and ways you are using Scaler 2 with Music Lab guitar instrument-- Rodger

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No: The Dev makes a DEMO that run well on every platform. SO in order to sell the product, hoping that even old/weak PCs can withstand
If the trick works, another plugin is sold
If not The Dev refund, as just happened now

I think that nobody here found that, just because you have more robust systems
I know that I am wrenching my PC’s head off, but I cannot upgrade now