Scaler audio 2

HI New user here,

Ive installed the 2,4 version onto a win 10 machine. Cubase 11 pro detects a VST midi instrument called ‘Scaler 2’ and a VST effect called ‘Scaler Audio 2’. Is this by design?
Much obliged for any insightfull interest in this.


You can read about it right here… What's the difference between Scaler and Scaler Audio?


I have a sudden urge to pick up a rod and reel.


You can find this information in the manual, on the “getting started” section, page 5.

You can access the manual by clicking on Scaler’s logo:

Thanks all…I really must start reading manuals,uff

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Scaler’s got a very good OM and the general learning curve for the basic functions is pretty fast. The depth comes from developing workflows that include Scaler as part of your project. Scaler and Cubase’s Chord track can work in interesting ways at times, too.

MIDI and Audio Detect are interesting parts of the program. You’ll mostly use Scaler as a VST3 instrument but it can also be used as an Insert effect on Audio Tracks. So, you might record chords on an audio track, then use Detect, Scaler will try to find matching or close chords.

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