Scaler control 2 Nowhere in my daw

So I think the scalercontrol 2 version is the one that would work for fl studio (using a 3rd party plugin as instrument) But its nowhere to be found in my fl studio. I see scaler 2 and scaler audio but no Scaler Control.

Scaler Control won’t work in FL. check the manual or online resources on how to route scaler in FL. this may help

Unfortunately im still having trouble getting it to read the 3rd party instrument… I know its doable because I seen someone with the same daw make it work but for some odd reason its not for me, I even did exactly what that patcher picture looks like wire for wire port to port and NADA…

Have you checked manual, or online videos? or indeed Youtube?

What is Scaler Control? I’ve never seen it and it isn’t in my Instruments or Effects lists in Studio One.

Scaler Control is a MIDI FX compatible with Logic Pro X only as a way of routing. Each DAW has their own specific way of controlling third party instruments. Hence the reason you don’t see it in Studio One.


Thank you Davide, good to know.

Hi @Spitybnice, I don’t think you need the patcher for this. I run FL Studio 20, and I make the connection between Scaler 2 and my 3rd party VST plugins via the internal MIDI ports, like the guy in the 2nd video Davide shared above.




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Ah, the mystery of ScalerControl is solved! I was wondering what that was in the Modulations video on YouTube. Alas my DAW (Reason) still doesn’t support MidiFX, so still have to rely on drag/drop of midi parts. One day :wink:

I have faith the team behind Reason Studios will allow midi pass through one day. Send them feedback they are a good company.