Scaler creates melodies

I’ve created chord progressions in Scaler. So can Scaler help me create some melodies. Because the melody itself can be created around chords. Or make a Piano Roll for melody creation? Then there will be restrictions and hints based on chords, reminding me that these tones can be tried under this chord. Then I can try it out.
Does anyone have any better ways to do something like this?
Or SCALER already has this function, but I don’t know it.

Scaler has the keys-lock option that lets you play just in-tune notes, but it doesn’t work always well

So I often end replicating the Scaler scale with Bitwig key filters (before with Ableton filters) that are more functional

Apart that, I think that only your musical ears may help

Hi @swingmix

Have you saved the chord progression as midi and dragged it to your DAW?

Not sure if this helps, but keep my fingers crossed.

After importing your chord progression,
you can select PERFORMANCE: “melody”.
Then also under SETTINGS on right side pull down menus: EXPRESSIONS: “MELODY” you have the option of “chord plus melody” OR “melody”.
Select melody and it will record the melody part only.

One other technique is to import your chord progression into “PHRASEBOX” which is a great, inexpensive program which you can use to chop the chord progression up into melody and beats. Highly recommended.

Good luck!


Venomode - Phrasebox

right ?


I put in a feature request for Cord Mute for when Keys-lock is set to “Scale Notes.” While chord tones and extensions are good I usually create melody working in and around Scales, but Chords can’t be muted in that mode.

Also there’s this. Maybe you have a good idea.

Populate a Scaler track with Key Switches for Chords and Patterns. Assign Scaler to the input of the VST instrument for the melody. I’m working in Cubase Pro with DAW Sync Off.

Scaler sends the bound notes from the Scaler Track to the input of the VST Instrument Track and they are recorded as the actual pitches they are. Is there a solution? I work in Cubase Pro but don’t think this is a DAW specific issue. I could be wrong. For now I remove the Key Switch Notes with the Piano Roll editor.

I like working with Key Switches for both Chords and Patterns to save space for more Melody room on the keyboard.

Thanks for any ideas on this.

Venomode Phrasebox yes!

Thank you! I will try ! :grinning:

Ha yes, got the point now :grin:
and I agree it could be wonderful having the Mute option in all the options, not just the last 2
I hope that it will happen in the 3 version

About melodies (or solos as I call them) I often prefer using the DAW-based options, like Scales in Ableton Live (up to a month ago), or Key filter in Bitwig now

With the further improvement made by Bitwig’s Key Filter > Constrain feature that, if I got it correctly, forces out-of-scale notes to fall in the scale, instead of just killing them

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I put up a separate thread with some screens and further comments on this topic. I said a few things here that aren’t correct,

Those sound like great tools in the Bitwig and Abelton. I mostly create melodies/solos the old fashioned way by singing, writing or improvising and then editing.

See my other post for the screenshots and more accuracy about what’s going on.

I have a feature suggestion in mind as well, but I’ll put that in its own thread.

Thanks Claudio. :slight_smile:

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I tend to use a mixture of scaler and captain plugins. Scaler is excellent at the basic theory and chords. Once you have a good base of chords you can use them in captain chords and then captain melody to create melodies. Try it out.
Personally, I prefer scaler and I normally start with a melody that’s in my head and scaler will find the chords. From then on I can go forward to chorus, bridge, etc., either using scaler or something else like captain melody.

I myself have just bought the Captain Plugins applications. Scaler and Captain not working together? Do you manually create chords for the Captain application that you first design in Scaler? Or is there another way?

Melody source.
Check out video on you tube!
Scler plus melody source

No, of course they don’t work together. But you can feed the chords externally to captain chords and take it from there. I normally find my own workarounds to get things done. I am not near my studio otherwise I’d have explained a working example…

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By following your response I also discovered that under EXPRESSIONS you can also get some tasty Bass lines and rythms.


Just wanted to add to what’s mentioned in the thread that Melody Sauce creates some interesting and musical melody lines if needed.

If you export the midi from Scaler you can then import it into Captain Chords Epic so you don’t hve to manually create the chords in Captain (see Can you export Scaler midi directly to Captain Chords),

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Yes, I found a way to import chords from Scaler. Why about Scaler? Because it’s a million times nicer and easier to find the chord progressions you like through Scaler. It’s still the best program for making chord cycles.