Scaler is good at Jethro Tull style

Well, maybe I found a way and I’ll explain that later

The main problem is that I don’t have a transvers flute, and even if I had I am unable to play it
:crazy_face: :rofl:

So I’ll use the flute of AIR Xpand! 2 hoping it suffices


Well, the thing is harder than expected, so more time is needed for this tutorial

I have the flute intro with percussions, the whole drums line, the bassline, the accompaniment guitar, but I have to study better the flute style, add a distorted guitar, improve the sound of the accompaniment guitar, find a text and sing it :crazy_face: :cold_face:

Anyway the die is cast

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Take your time, my friend. Jethro Tull music was always complex. Anyways, just standing on one leg and playing flute is much more difficult than to “compose” a three-chord pop song as many did and got rich.:grin:


Yes indeed, he he he

I am tempted anyway to standing on my leg (well, with my ass on a stool maybe :rofl:) after having bought a trasverse flute because this stuff, together with the Hammond, was one of my youth dreams…

The problem is the noise of a beginner that can be disturbing for my wife and the neighborough :rofl:

Even if with the modern gizmos I was able to produce a decent cantata in a whisper, as you can appreciate here or here

I have a plastic recorder at home: I’ll do a test with it

My daughter was excellent on flute during her high school days and a few years ago i asked her to teach me one song of a Dutch group Focus. I think it is called The House of the Kings. For decades, i thought it was Jethro Tull.
Well, my daughter played it by notes and showed me, but i could not stretch my fingers enough and the whisper i produced was more like meowing than a music. So i quit and continued with my guitar.:joy:

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Well, I have half a dozen of cats around…
I hope they will be pleased, at least
:cat2: :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: :cat2:

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Well, the tune I made ended to be a complete disaster, not being close at all to Jethro Tull
:cold_face: :rofl:

But I found that another folk tune I made in the past is way closer to their style, so don’t worry @Miki I will be able to complete this hard task, a day or another

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The song that I mentioned in one of the previous posts, Focus - House of the King. So good, so JethroTullish. This Dutch group was one of my favorite ones during the 70’s.

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Yes, I remember their names, but I think they didn’t entice me in the seventies
But I’ll listen them again: I changed my opinion about many bands during the time
for example, the first time I listened Frank Zappa and Pink Floyds I hated them, thinking they was just mad noise-makers

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This video is older

Yeah, but did you see Thijs van Leer’s fingers on the first one? :joy: :rofl:

Yes, but I didn’t understand the meaning…

He is so fast. I cannot even dream about moving the fingers at 1/10 of the speed he does. :rofl:

yesterday I started working on the guitar and bass intro and I did the drums with logic. Then came the verse shift planning. There was no sensible idea for musical instruments or chords. I picked up Scaler and the point was 8 chords and a great touch to the track. For someone like me, Scaler is great for not knowing a lot of keyboards. Scaler makes picking chords as easy as pressing just one note. even as you learn to use Scaler better, even more will begin to emerge. there is still learning with the features of the program.

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Ah, I get it now
But moving finger fast on a flute is easer than on a guitar or keyboard I think
Many flute holes are just holes to cover

It is the same for many of us
And surely for me :rofl:

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It looks easy, but believe me, it is incredibly difficult. And adding the blowing to generate the acceptable sound, defined, clean and strong enough but not too much, it is even worse.i tried for several weeks with my daughter wcho mastered the flute at the time, but i was so frustrated that i quit.

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I believe you, and this is the reason why I don’t buy this stuff, even if tempted :rofl:

Nevertheless, I played a plastic recorder and a mouth organ for some time and it was fun
But the sound is loud, so impossible to play without an insulated room

Today I bought for 19 bucks this AAS plugin that contains a lot of flutes: it lets me save the money I could have spent for a transverse flute, and now there is no excuse for completing the Jethro Tull vibe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But before that I’ll realize a simple tutorial that explain how to use karaoke files for educational purposes in a DAW

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Here is a new Ableton Live Template: I must exercise a lot with the e-transverse flute, before I can add the Jan Anderson part in my tutorial :cold_face: :crazy_face: