Scaler is making ocean sounds with no input

This is crazy, but I experienced this in 2.8 and just experienced it after installing 2.9.
I am using studio one, 6.6.1 On a Mac M1 As soon as I pull the scaler instrument into my channel list and with everything muted except for Scaler2 And the main output. I hear ocean sounds that repeat probably every 45 seconds.
Is just a wash of white noise sounds very much like waves crashing on the beach I cannot figure out where the sound is coming from Again, this is a brand new Instance of scaler 2 instrument before I ask it to detect anything.

I noticed this happening a month ago after I successfully used scaler 2 To create a violin part. At some point, Scaler just went crazy and started making this sound so I rendered the track to audio and removed the instrument. Now I have another task for scaler to do and right off the bat the white noise is back.

Anyone able to help me?

Am I perhaps running in demo mode? I have a paid license for sure. Maybe I should check my ilok.

Sounds like you are running in Demo mode. Scaler does not use iLok but uses a license file that you download from your Plugin Boutique account. Once you download the license you navigate to it from Scaler.
Here is a video tutorial.

That was indeed the problem. Oddly, When I first Clicked The logo. The blue S, I got nothing about registration It showed sync and import export state, And about/help. Choosing about resulted in nothing So I reinstalled this time to my primary Drive And it responded appropriately I didn’t need to register since it was already registered but showed my email as registered to I had installed to my main audio Drive the first time. Anyway, problem solved, thank you so much