Scaler MMO and orchestral stuff: multi-timbral synths are better to me

Well, after having sweated blood trying to tame orchestral plugins, I realized they are not for me: too complex is their managament for a jammer/mousier :cold_face:

notably, having notes falling in specific noteranges means a lot more clicks away and a boring process, even after I saw the @jamieh tip about Bitwig, and driving the Eastwest Pop Brass is even worse

So by now I’ll go rather for the synths like Xpand!2 that contain orchestral instruments as well: they are simpler and more suitable to be driven by Scaler

So I’ll try to give away the Eastwest Pop Brass, if they say I can do it, and if I can I’ll let you know my selling price :moneybag: :grinning:

About the BBCSO Discover instead, I’ll keep it because it is currently free, and because I found a super-easy fool-proof way to drive it

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they replied they don’t allow for license resell or transfer :rage:

Well, I’ll never buy other stuff from that company because I hate that behavior
I’ll just un-install and send it to the garbage bin

Well, now that I got the basic of MMO thanks to @Tristan I am able to use Garritan World Instruments way better than before with Scaler

And also thanks to Bitwig and to @jamieh for sure :grinning:

It means that I could likely take advantage of the Garritan Classical Orchestra way better than of the BBCSO due to the different and better GUI