Scaler Multi Out MIDI capture in AUM

I have been having discussions with @yostopia about trying to edit Scaler Multi Out MIDI performances. I’ll stand corrected but I don’t know how I can access the separate MIDI channel data that Scaler 2.7 creates in Logic Pro and send to a multi-timbral synth plugin.

It then dawned on me that I could use Scaler 2 on the iPad with AUM and a MIDI sequencer like Atom Piano Roll 2 or Helium to capture the MIDI data for each scaler MIDI channel. The attached video shows how I created the AUM project to achieve this. If you want a copy of the AUM project file, there is a link in the YouTube description. The video assumes no prior knowledge of AUM or Atom 2.

You could export the Scaler state from your desktop DAW and import it into Scaler 2 on your iPad. Then use the AUM template file to capture the MIDI for each Multi Out MIDI channel. You would need to change the number of bars in Atom 2 to the number of bars of MIDI information you need to capture.

Hope you find this useful…

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Hallo Simpl3Sim0n

you can do that straight from Logic with reChannel.

go here for info → Creative ideas for Scaler Multi-Out in Logic - #2 by elmo5 reChannel is basically a 16 channel midi matrix. you can switch in/out whichever combination you like

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Really I will have to take a look at your other post. Outsmarted myself with my own Logic ignorance!

Having looked at your post I’m not sure we’re doing quite the same thing, or maybe again I’m misunderstanding something. What I and @yostopia were discussing was record the MIDI notes from a Scaler Multi Out instance to separate tracks in Logic (or other desktop DAW) and edit those MIDI performances in the DAWs piano roll editor. Is that possible via your solution? reChannel is a 3ed party product right that I don’t currently own?

Hi Simpl3Sim0n

You are a better musician, no worries.
What you need for this is an update to Logic 10.7.5 requires 12.6.1 Monterey OS, and the reChannel MFX plugin which you can get here FREE MIDI Sampling Bundle - SongWish store.

I have taken the Liberty of making a template and explanatory movie no sound sorry, which is here Logic 10.7.5 Scaler Multi - Google Drive have fun

Fascinating @elmo5 and I wish I understood what’s going on here. Tomorrow I’ll look through the reChannel video and see if I can understand it, but from your video screen capture I see an E Piano on track 2 and you’re using reChannel and the new 'record midi" function, but when you’re turning on and off channels in the reChannel UI I’m completely lost. Where is Scalar on this? I see it on track 1 and I guess it’s on there as a midi controller and that it’s sending midi out on all five channels (1 being all instruments, 2-5 being each of the four voices). But what’s going on with reChannel and how is Scalar sending it data? And how would you get all of the channels out of it discreetly?

I’ve downloaded everything and the plugin loads and so does your template, and I tried recording the scalar output from the control on track 1 to track 2 like you showed in your screen capture, but I’m getting nothing.

Is there any way that you could write a specific set of steps about what you’re doing and what the result of each action is? Thanks!

Not quite sure why you concluded I’m a better musician? If I offended you in some way with my earlier reply, I apologise was not my intention I simply know nothing about reChannel and how it works and was just asking some questions.

I will certainly look into the reChannel MFX plugin and your template and explore your suggestions further. I am using the latest versions of Logic and Monterey.

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Instrument 1 is Scaler and reChannel all 16 channels are open, both inserted as MFX, the output goes to External Instrument. (IAC Driver Bus 1)
Take a look at the Environment window. The Routing shows 3 Objects
Physical Input (IAC Driver Bus 1) → Monitor (here you can see all of the midi notes from Scaler) → a Channel splitter the sum of which is routed to the input of Instrument 2.
Instrument 2 has a reChannel inserted which in effect filters the 16 channel midi from Scaler.

I have just seen your new post 6 channels open to Instrument 2.

Try switching the new record midi function on off and back on

Thanks for the template and movie.

Have got reChannel installed and from watching your movie the process I effectively used in my iPad/AUM I would use now in Logic; reChannel is effectively Atom 2.

Create your Scaler Multi Out instance
Add separate tracks for capturing the MIDI data
Add reChannel as a MIDI plugin on each track and activate “Record MIDI to Track Here” for reChannel
Record in Logic and MIDI populated for each track.

Brilliant. I knew about the new Record MIDI function delivered in the latest Logic update. The glue I was missing was not knowing that the reChannel plugin existed!

You ok with me adding an explanatory note to my YT video description pointing out the new information you provided?


@ Simpl3Sim0n

I listened to a short piece of your music on here somewhere, you didn’t offend me at all,
best of luck with this experiment, I think it does do what you both asked.
Simon do whatever you want with it, It makes me happy that I can do this for others as well, the tech stuff is like making music, if only 1 person enjoys what you have created you have succeeded

You have to do a bit of routing in the environment to get 6 channels out at once, One after the other is what you have here, If you check my other posts I did that with the BBC Discovery.


Phew, glad I didn’t offend!

I have got things working in Logic and yes it does what I was discussing with @yostopia

There’s a small mistake in your Logic template on Track 2. The Record MIDI check is on an empty MIDI FX slot rather than the reChannel plugin.

I recorded MIDI simultaneously by changing the active MIDI channel in each of the reChannel instances. I had to change the MIDI destination for the External Instrument to IAC Driver 2; something unique for my Logic Setup. I think @yostopia is new to Logic and may not understand Audio MIDI Setup and IAC Drivers!

I know what you mean about “if only 1 person enjoys”. I was pleased with my iPad/AUM/Atom2 solution and tutorial. Your method is simpler but maybe more technically complex.

Thanks again for introducing me to reChannel and showing me how it works…


I have just tried with a 2nd live channel synced Scaler into reChannel, I think multiple Scalers following in Logic will be a handful, the environment solutions are certainly better for me
great that it works for you.

@ yostopia

This version is simplified only 1 Instrument

Scaler and reChannel MFX with E Piano and different chords 6 midi files No.7 starts later

Thanks @elmo5 … As @Simpl3Sim0n said, I’m brand new to Logic (and midi) only 2 months in… just switching over from being a filmmaker to music. I literally know nothing about midi and so all this is totally obtuse to me. At this point I’ll wait for Simon to write up a description of exactly what’s going on here so I can get a grasp on it. And I’m super appreciative that you figured this out! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

Hello yostopia

You don’t have to know exactly what is going on. Enable a channel in reChannel, arm record in the instrument, press record in transport.

The 2 places to check if it doesn’t work, the new midi record in Logic and Scaler not playing, Drag some chords into part C of Scaler to persuade it to work,

A question do you have the last Scaler 2.7.1 update installed ?

Thanks. I didn’t know there was a 2.7.1 update and I just updated, so that’s good.

I enabled “a channel” in reChannel (channel 1) and recorded it and all I get is all four channels on track 1. I’m obviously not doing something right in reChannel.

@ yostopia

Great you did everything right

Channel 1 from Scaler is the whole chord, from 2 onwards you get the individual parts

Glad to hear that I’m getting closer. Now I’ve armed the first 5 channels in reChannel, recorded and still am getting all channels on track 1. I’m obviously missing something extremely fundamental here.

To clarify, what I’m expecting to get is a separate recording of each of the voices from Scalar, so one recording with all four voices and then four separate recordings of each of the four discreet voices. I don’t know how those recordings are supposed to appear… all on the same track magically after I record the scalar part? On separate tracks? Completely in the dark here.

Great stuff we are getting there, Channel 1 alone in reChannel is the complete chord, Channel 2 Alone will give you the bass or lowest notes, Channel 3 Alone higher notes and so on until after channel 7 or 8 there is nothing more unless you use your feet as well to play the chord :), so it figures that if you have more than 1 reChannel channels enabled more notes will come through, in the last case you have created the full chord. With the method I have given above you will get 1 channel after the other, not together. that is far more complicated. Next exercise Enable reChannel 2 record, move the recording somewhere else and rename it, disable reChannel 2 and enable reChannel 3 move and rename the recording, disable 3 enable 4 etc

Ah, still no joy. I think it’s best for me to wait until @Simpl3Sim0n has some time to put together a proper step-by-step tutorial for me. I apologize for my ignorance but I’m sure eventually I’ll be able to figure it out.

That looks OK to me, there are visible differences in the recorded files. They are for certain not chords. What you have no control over is how Scaler is splitting the voices. Try it with some other chord combinations.