Scaler with SquareHeads Nora and Venomode Phrasebox

I use Scaler with SquareHeads Nora to create melody for Modo Bass and other instruments in Reaper.

Nora and Phrasebox get chords from Scaler and allow you to edit notes in piano roll-style editor, but you draw melody for the individual voices of the chord.

In a classic “piano roll” editor, rows are tied to a fixed note value; in Nora rows are the voices of a chord. This allows you to create a melody at a relative value of note pitch.

SquareHeads Nora is a much more advanced tool than Venomade Phrasebox, but unfortunately the development of Nora a few years ago was frozen.

However, the project is not closed, and you can download Nora on the official website -
I hope the development of Nora continues. This is a unique and very useful program.

Phrasebox is a new product and no have some necessary functions.

  1. Settings for the keys to switch patterns. Is necessary for live performance.
    Also problem for live play is gap when you switching between patterns.
  2. Inconvenient work with velocity. When you have notes on different rows, controllers overlap each other.
  3. No of Undo & Redo functions. No copy & paste notes between patterns.
  4. The current version 1.04 does not have function drag & drop pattern to DAW.

As such, Phrasebox was useless to me. But if the Phrasebox will be improve and becomes suitable for live performance, then I will think about its use again.

I’d need to understand this workflow better, but why can you use Scaler and keys lock. Specifically Chord notes or Chord Extensions. You can even mute the chord so only the melody is being sent to a third party VST

I can’t do all this in Scaler, because I need outputs to different MIDI channels, launch patterns with keys, and editor for patterns.

aha. Of course. Won’t be long :wink:

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Please add these functions to scaler, preferably in the way of music classification.

Recently, I tried to use squareheads Nora. This software is simple and easy to use. It’s really great

do you know ChordPotion? it’s great!