Scaler2 and Beatport Access

After much research and about 5 headaches, it seems that version 2.8.2 of Scaler 2 has the CODE for Beatport Access and BA is no good anymore.

I try to launch my recently purchased Scaler 2 plugin and it says that it is frozen and that I have to have Beatport access running.

Is there anyway I can download an earlier version of Scaler 2 without Beatport Access? I have my own license file already.

Someone, please help.

Thank you.

Hi @didescaler and welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the trouble you are having I can understand your frustration. Firstly check this thread Bought Scaler 2 and was completely broken (Beatport Access Authentication)

You can always go back to your account at plugin boutique, select scaler, click the dropdown version and download an older version. Please keep us up to date on your progress and let me know if you don’t get anywhere soon and we will see what else we can do.

Update from PIB:

“For now, toggling Beatport Access Mode off is the way to approach this, and we have an article detailing how to do it [here]. We could, in future, investigate a change to the behaviour where if the user purchases a product perpetually, we automatically turn off Beatport Access Mode, triggering the plugin to ask for their license.”

Is this Davide Carbone ?

Well, if it is, then your YouTube Videos, Official Scaler 2 Course and Advanced Courses covering Scaler 2 are awesome. I have had so much fun with them and have kept watching all your videos until I was finally able to purchase Scaler 2 NOT using the rent-to-own option. So I selected the bundle and was able to obtain the Producer’s course and the Advanced course that you made.

My experience using the rent-to-own option after purchasing Scaler 2 the first time did not go good due to the fact that our Internet goes down a lot. And as you know, Beatport Access gives you only 3 days to reconnect or else Scaler 2 access becomes frozen.

So I ended up cancelling my membership, requested a refund (which Plugins Boutique) gave me, uninstalled Scaler 2 and Beatport Access from my machine thinking that all was clear.

After purchasing the full bundle a few days ago, I was hoping to access Scaler 2 and put to practice what I have learned in the YouTube videos you have given on this topic. I downloaded Scaler 2 (2.8.2) and installed it.

But when I ran my DAW (Reaper), Beatport Access gave me the error that Scaler 2 was frozen and that I had to have BA running and logged in to use Scaler 2.

I thought it was a glitch and/or some embedded reference to Beatport Access in my Operating system (Windows 10) so I scanned the registry and deleted all references of Beatport Access I found. Then I uninstalled Scaler 2 and then installed it again. I received the same error message.

After contacting Plugins Boutique for the 759th time, I reached out to “Thomas” who had always promptly answered my inquiries regarding this issue. I finally received an answer from “Simon” this morning and was told to read the article on this topic. He provided me with a link on Perpetual license.

After reading the article, I logged on to my Plugins Boutique account and found the DOWNLOAD button for Beatport Access. I downloaded it and installed it again. After logging in Beatport Access with my PB credentials, I saw all of the products I had purchased - Scaler 2, The Advanced Course, Producer’s Course, EQ and Theory.

Then I saw the button that turns Beatport Access Mode on and off.

I turned this off and when I ran my DAW once again, Scaler 2 finally worked.

I applied my license file and registered this successfully.

I have since then gone over the first 2 modules of the Official Scaler 2 Course and I simply cannot get enough of the excellent teaching, detail and honesty in your work.

Kudos to your excellent career in Music!

I know this is a long response, but if this is Davide Carbone, then I feel perfectly fine explaining in detail everything that happened with regards to this issue.

Plugins Boutique should show a disclaimer for those purchasing software that if they live overseas like me (in the US) then if there is an issue, one will have to wait UK business hours before a response to any inquiry.

I usually do my recordings late at night and in the wee hours of the morning so the timing is off and when I ran into trouble with this, there was no one there to help.

Nonetheless, thank you so much for all the support and concern and most importantly,
the passion we all share as producers.

Thank you!


Yes, it’s that Davide. And it’s very useful to have him so active and helpful on this forum.

Beatport is a product by Plugin Boutique, who don’t develop Scaler 2 - they just sell it and their Beatport subscription includes it.

I have to say that I’ve heard nothing good about Beatport and not just from Scaler 2 users. Sticking to the normal Scaler 2 licence seems to be a recipe for happiness.

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Thanks for all that info @didescaler It does appear it has frustrated a few users and we have had the PIB staff on these boards to ensure things are going well they seem to be on top of the issues and are improving the system all the while. Nonetheless I will keep on top of this and with PIB ensure that the system isn’t causing too much grief for our users.

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You are so welcome Davide.

Right now, I am going over Module 3 of the Scaler 2 Course and as I progress, I see all the years of experience and hard work you have put into this product of Scaler 2. Simply incredible all of the knowledge and possibilities one has at hand with this plugin.

It is an incredible tool to build compositions with and I am sure that with any updates Scaler 2 might have in the future, it will only expand the product to even a higher level.

This tool allows one to create and not be conformed to the regular rules and regulations of music including the outdated workflows that only hinder the creative process when recording music.

I can go on, but suffice to say, this tool is a generational game changer for producers and thanks to all your professionalism and hard work, we can only continue to learn from.

Thank you for your follow-up.


Thanks @didescaler I appreciate the kind words. Always working very hard to try and progress and maintain what Scaler is. A very exciting year with lots of wonderful people on-board so I am hoping for some great things this year! Hope you continue your creativity.

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If nothing else, it kills your creative flow when you drop a plugin into your project and it tells you you got to jump out and go load the beatport app and all the waiting for internet and blah blah blah…

I have enough trouble with memory on my computer, constantly bouncing down instruments so I can unload them, now I gotta have another stand-alone running inthe BG so that I can use my plugin… Sheesh! Imagine if this became a trend and half of your plugin mfrs decided to adopt this approach. It’s just a very BAD IDEA ™.

Dear Davide:

Still learning from all your videos and the courses as well that
cover advanced theory and producer techniques.

Have diligently analyzed as best I could all of the chord plugins
out there and right now, Scaler 2 is still the best in my book with
Ripchord being second.

I know additions and updates will be made available during the
year into next so I will be looking forward to that for sure.

Thank you for all the hard work!

Dwight (didescaler)