Scaler2 V2.0.9 Black screen on Studio One 5

I cannot get Scaler2 V2.0.9 to work on Studio One 5. This applies to both VST2 and VST3 versions which are both behaving the same.

Basically the VST screen comes up but the GUI is completely black. When I touch my midi keyboard I can hear the felt piano coming through, but you can’t actually use Scaler2 since the screen is completely black.

What is interesting is that I also have Reaper and the same Scaler2 installation works perfectly in Reaper 6.

I have contacted Presonus and they are scratching their heads and have not been able to solve the problem.

They suggested a video driver issue which I could understand as I have an older Gigabyte motherboard with Intel sandybridge build in video, so not the latest greatest technology. But the Intel HD Graphics driver is completely up-to-date according to Win10 windows update (v

Also, everything else in Win10 is completely up-to-date and it’s a fairly new and fresh install, just 3 weeks old with only Studio One and Reaper installed.

Hey @stube40

here is what you can try to get rid of this black screen issue:

  • Disable OpenGL in Scaler:
    • Navigate to following folder:
      • Windows : C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2
    • In the same folder open the file “Scaler2.settings” with a text editor
    • Either update or add the line:
      • <VALUE name=“openGLRendering” val=“0”/>
    • Launch Scaler 2 and check if you can see the interface
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Absolute genius!!! Thank you a million times. This completely solved the problem for me

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hi, i am having this same problem. i did all of that but the only thing my computer would not let me put those characters in to type in the folder. the black screen is still there when i open up studio one. help please. i m trying out the demo but if i cant get it to work i cant buy it.

Hi @djbuck and welcome,

Which version of Scaler are you trying?
Have you turn off the OpenGL rendering? (please see: Manage Default Preferences with ScalerSettings)


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